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Organisational History of Humankind


May 27, 2002

  • Human history was written as that of kings, nations, wars and now of people. The perspective continues to widen.
  • Life grows by consciousness and consciousness grows by organisation.
  • History, we can say, is the chronicle of development of human consciousness.
  • As consciousness is too nebulous a term, we can land on ORGANISATION.
  • There is a personal organisation of energy into activity which is followed by organisation that demands the cooperation of others, sometimes the entire collectivity.
  • Man living as a group defended himself against other groups or animals. A collective organisation then came into existence.
  • Having learnt to build or cultivate, man did need the help of a few others, perhaps his wife and children. We see here organisation in its rudimentary form.
  • World war, better still world weather watch, needs a worldwide massive organisation. Its origin is seen the primitive group's self-defence.
  • The birth of a principle in action such as collective defence is a landmark or social landmark.
  • Its growth in size horizontally, and in quality vertically are higher phases of the same growth. Whether it is Napoleon's tinned food or trans-Atlantic phone call, each such advance is a great development in collective functioning demanding full focused attention.
  • In one sense, the birth of these systems is of the past and they are few. In another sense, its non-ceasing growth is significant each time a small stride is made.
  • Our study can fix on any level of detail, but it must be comprehensive in the sense no significant change must be overlooked.
  • Once an organisation is developed such as INSTRUCTION, it travels through the entire community taking different hues in different places.

It is order in the army.

Inside the family, it is understanding.

Between the teacher and the student, it is called discipline.

In trade, it goes by the name profit, price and bargain.

  • For our study to be meaningful, it is necessary that ALL essential developments in organisation must be noted down.
  • Also at least in one aspect such as instruction, all its social expressions must be explained so as to bring out the entire significance of what we call strategy.
  • USA has more records for the life of the last 200 years than any other nation. She has distinguished herself as a nation of practical efficiency. In every other nation these versions of organisation are originally developed while in USA it is original imitation in the sense that populations from cultured nations came to a virgin land and created a new nation from scratch, but from a subconscious or conscious memory of their parent nations.
  • With the Theory of ORGANISATION - Energy released and directed passing through character - well defined and the character of the population equally well defined, we have all the field conditions needed for a comprehensive study.
  • The BOOM of post war USA or imminent global prosperity will have a defining theoretical TOOL serving as a practical guide at two levels.

1. For planners in governments or corporations.

2. For the academic population exercising themselves in this field variously.

  • One who embarks on this study has a further advantage of mastering the Theory of Social Evolution and through that the Process of creation of Sri Aurobindo.

story | by Dr. Radut