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131.Outer Expression of Inner Consciousness

A grown up boy took unkindly to his mother when she began to impose disciplines on all the family somewhat ungently. His disapproval of the discipline overlooked the great opportunity that was offered to the family.

He saw the discipline; he refused to see the opportunities. Being the uneducated member of the family, he could easily grow vociferous and liberally bestowed on his own mother all that his lower vital felt at the first touch of discipline. To say the least, it was scandalous. The mother was amazed. She approached the head of the family with tears. He answered, "To discipline the boy is easy. That way the great opportunity that has come will withdraw. It can come to fruition only in freedom. Take it as your own inner consciousness coming to you from out of the mouth of your son."

She realised the force of the discipline which was a tenet of her faith and spent one full night realising that advice inwardly. The next evening the boy was penitent and thereafter began to admire her. Two other sons after some years, unable to stand the success of the other brother, indulged in intrigues and exposed their mother to ridicule on a public occasion.

The uneducated son now felt the outrage in his nerves. He approached the same head of the family for redressal, completely oblivious of the fact that they were doing now what he had done earlier. He got the reply saying that the head of the family has all along known about those intrigues. "Please set my brothers right" was his plea to the head.

He got the answer, "Outer expression is the reflection of inner consciousness. You have to set your own inner consciousness which is still as before. Discipline is not the remedy, but freedom is desirable. Let us wait till your brothers change on the strength of your inner change."


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story | by Dr. Radut