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How to avoid Palliser's weakness for Glencora?

Trollope says he was proud of creating these two characters, Palliser and Glencora.

Palliser going back to his own proposal to Griselda to elope, must reverse his attitude. It will save his job for the present.
Glencora is primarily intense, interested in gossip and intrigues, admires handsome young men, wants her husband to rise, loves parties.
Palliser is equally intense about decimal coinage, interested in the Parliament, has no ear for intrigue, admirers politicians, wants to serve and be a true, good gentleman.
There is a parallel between both of them.
If she should give up any of her activities he must give up the corresponding activity. There is no compromise there.
In a given instance you will see all her traits will emerge. If you observe equally all his traits will emerge in his own fashion. For a permanent solution, basic change is necessary. Suppose Palliser confines his discipline with respect to his Prime Ministership, with respect to it he must practise this discipline. That will permanently save his job. This is partial work but a huge work requiring alert attention all the time. It is better to have a wider view giving a particular result. It is to mentally recognise the value of ALL these disciplines for all life, but seriously practise it with respect to the Project on hand. Then, the man remains the same but will be successful in any project where these principles are followed.

story | by Dr. Radut