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141. Persistence in the Righteous Course Brings Reward

The I Ching is an age-old tradition in China. It is a book of 64 hexagrams and cryptic statements. Reference to the book is an elaborate religious ritual of meditation, tossing of coins, etc. When referred to properly, I Ching reveals the future as well as past very precisely. A constantly recurring theme there is given as the title to this article, "Persistence in the Righteous Course Brings Reward".

In the world of human affairs, resort to righteousness ends up as the delusion of self-righteousness, because he who carries the day is not the righteous one but the person who is STRONGER in the given circumstance. Life is amoral. It rewards the more organised, not the more honest. Honesty can expect reward not for its own merit but for its capacity for organised action which is STRENGTH. Still, the I Ching says the above and it is true. It is because RIGHTEOUSNESS proves to be more organised in the long run and that is why I Ching speaks of persistence.

Righteousness is knowledge. Will that is unenlightened pushes ahead and carries the day. The above advice is to stand by your highest enlightenment. It says it always brings the Reward. In 1975 two partners of a property quarrelled. The junior partner was willing to relinquish his right. The senior partner refused to accept the offer and put up the property for sale against the wishes of the junior. The I Ching asked the junior to seek legal redress which was anathema to his moral consciousness. He refused and kept quiet. Strangely, the senior went to law disregarding the offer of the junior to quit. In the meanwhile, the Government acquired half the property. Later the case was compromised and the entire property came to the junior on a certain payment. Now, half the property was taken away. The Government moved on its course. There was a rule that orders that are subjudice are invalid. The junior was all admiration of the Spirit he used to invoke constantly, at the wisdom of seeking redress at law. The all-powerful Spirit acted through the all-wise I Ching, which he had unwisely disregarded.

story | by Dr. Radut