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Phineas Finn


Phineas Finn is an interesting study for several reasons:

-- He is a success from the start.
-- Absence of monetary basis is often a determinant of his career.
-- He is admired by more than one lady of repute.
-- He does not respond to the wealth of the ladies who are after him.
-- He marries a poor girl because she is sweet almost as an accident.
-- His rise faces catastrophes.
-- He resents political support from the highest quarters voluntarily offered.
-- He is manly, conscientious.
-- He is not vain.
-- He is an Irishman.

Often the poor fail to develop self-respect as happened to the Indians under foreign rule. In the case of Ireland, self-respect has developed, but in compensation they have developed a prominent trait of refusing all good, help or assistance that is offered to them. Finn portrays this trait in full measure.

story | by Dr. Radut