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116. Power Failure

Power cut or power failure is a constant phenomenon ever since the population began to consume more power and the government embarked on greater generation of electric power. It is a problem not of failure but one of expansion not keeping pace with the speed of expanding consumption. For one who is trying to replace his centre of functioning from life to Spirit, any failure is not welcome, as it is a sign of his own ineffectivity.

Without looking at power failure as a phenomenon of power generation, if one sees it as a reflection of his own spiritual status or effectivity, one has a scope of progress in life.

In a month of May a few individuals devoted to Spirit were in the midst of a discussion. Power failed. It is their experience that power is resumed when intensely called. Now such a calling of the power did not restore the supply. They spoke to the electricity department. In the sudden gale that afternoon, a certain tower had blown down. The government procedures would permit its construction in three months. As this was an emergency, they said it would be restored in three days. This answer from the department struck a blow to their faith in the Spirit.

One of the group spoke out his mind. "What the department says is valid for them, not for us. If our faith in Spirit is true, our intensity must bring the current earlier than three days." Others felt the truth of the statement from Spirit but found it a tall, impractical claim on their faith. They all agreed to go home and continue their effort. One of them was leaving town that evening. After reaching the bus stand, he called at 6:30 pm to find out what happened. The current that had failed at 3:00 pm was restored at 6:00 pm, he learned.

story | by Dr. Radut