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134. Power of Cleanliness

Spiritual people all over the world generally are cleaner than others, as the Spirit abides by clean surroundings. The Spirit is universal in its action, which means what one man does benefits all such men in his emotional world.

An Indian devotee of the Inner Spirit lived in USA. She lived in an apartment where the houses are furnished and maintained. Her electric oven was one provided to her by the owners of the apartment complex. As with everything, she took more than usual care in maintaining the oven. She never allowed dust to accumulate on it. It was always sparkling.

One day she took it apart to clean and found a burnt coil. Complaints are usually attended to before the end of the day. In reply to her complaint the workman came at once and took a look at it. He said it was 14 years old, which she had never realised in view of its working efficiency. It could be fixed in no time and she could resume her work with it. To her surprise, the work man proposed, "As it is 14 years old, let me replace it by a new oven." This devotee is one who keeps her house very clean. Often cleanliness had revealed its Spiritual power.

The proposal of the workman was a further dimension of her experience. Perhaps the OBJECT in response to the immaculate cleanliness in which it was kept repaid her attention by bringing in a new one. Perhaps the Spirit of the oven was in action. When the workman brought the new one and installed it, he announced, "We have decided to replace all the ovens installed 14 years ago, whether in working condition or not." Just then she recollected the character of the Spirit's universality in action.

story | by Dr. Radut