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122. Power of Thought Uttered or Unuttered

An ill-mannered, offensive person was in an important post in an esteemed organisation. One of the several truths on which that organisation is founded is the outer perfectly reflects the inner. A visitor to that place took to this particular principle very seriously. When he encountered the offensive executive, his response of disgust was very great. By a supreme inner effort, he decided that he should please this person, as only that would create pleasantness inside. He was doing it for some time as a discipline, which his nerves found to be too much.

One day this visitor, having discovered what would most please the other man, though it was equally unpalatable to him in the doing of it, decided to tell the executive his intention. The executive was brimming over with joy and would not allow the visitor to speak as he had news for the visitor. He offered the visitor a very rich partner who ended up giving him a large property.

In our own experience, it often happens negatively. Two colleagues were in conversation in the office, one dominant and the other submissive. The latter had a mischievous idea that was unpalatable that urged from inside for expression. He was waiting for an opening in the dialogue to give vent to his unsavoury joke and he did so. The other man replied, "I was sent to you by the boss with a message. I hesitated to give it to you, but as he expressly sent me for that purpose I have no alternative. He has a suspension order for you. To prepare you to receive it, he sent me earlier."

  • Forces in life keep their balance precisely.
  • Still, one has the choice of speaking or not.
  • Had this man not indulged in this vulgar joke, the boss would not have suspended him from service.
  • It is difficult to have NICE thoughts all the time.
  • It is definitely possible NOT to have provoking ideas and when you have, it is possible NOT to express them.
  • In that SENSE, our life is in our THOUGHTS.

story | by Dr. Radut