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Principles of Organisation


April 28, 1999

1) Definitions for organisations to come into being, survive, grow, develop and evolve are generally useful.

  • It is energy that makes an organisation emerge into existence, energy of the required level for its birth.
  • Energy flow - The organisation comes into existence, survives, grows, develops and evolves when the energy level required for each stage is there.

- Energy - Force - Power - Results

- For our purpose, organisation is meaningful only when results issue.

- Let us have the example of Third Try or world government (Institution).

- For this Institution to come into being, there must be energy for its birth and at all subsequent levels.

- That that energy is already there in the unorganised sector of the world community is seen by the fact that several world organisations have come into existence.

- As they all have passed through birth, survival, growth, development, and evolution shows not only such energies at these levels are existent, but there are enough indications that the Institution (we aim at) is possible at all these levels.

- It is now in existence in money flow across the world for speculation. If the potentials are there for speculation, it means it is there for any other activity.

- Speculation can be curbed by legislation in all countries. Just now curbing speculation may curb the birth of world organisations.

  • Once the Institution comes into being, its capacity to yield results depends on the right strategies at all levels. (refer to the 24 points on theory of strategy).

(E.g. At the mental level, the authority of knowledge can be used, but at the physical level, it will fail. There the authority of physical force has to be used.]

2) Authority accomplishes, authority alone will accomplish.

  • This authority exists in a grade that rises from physical to the spiritual.
  • Values are determining instruments. But values have a way of subordinating to authority. When a man is in authority the rest are able to accept his values - even his wrong values - as right values, not only ignore the wrong values but come to adore his wrong values as the right values.
  • The highest values of a society that can accomplish are the values the person in authority upholds and practices.
  • We must never lose sight of the fact that the collective is ultimate and the individual is always subordinate. The collective may put aside its own higher values for a time, and admire the low values of the leader, but beyond a certain limit, the leader will be replaced.

These are formal requirements and informal realities. Carter's integrity is recognised even if he has not accomplished anything special. Here the society will respect formally Carter's status. Gorbachev really achieved the downfall of state tyranny, though in Russia it is not recognized. The fact that he achieved in the real sense will ultimately appeal to people when the time comes for it to matter.

3) Body illustrates the principles of organisation.

  • It is not the intensity of disease but the level of energy which decides health.
  • What decides is the level of energy, not the measure of infection.
  • Placebo effect is the authority of ignorance. Right information provides the authority of knowledge. Information is still a kind of conditioning. A mind that is not closed, is not superstitious, is more powerful than a closed and superstitious mind. Similarly, a mind that is NOT conditioned even by knowledge, is an OPEN mind, rather is awakened as a whole. This is far more powerful.

The next higher power of mind comes from its faith in spirit.

As faith in honesty is higher than faith in dishonesty, faith in spirit is higher than faith in knowledge. Faith in law is far more powerful than faith in violence. Similarly, Spirit being a higher term than mind, faith in spirit turns out to be more powerful.

Practical experiment - How to know the real power or value of the above ideas? In our own daily life, in routine mundane acts that are small, all these ideas can be put to test. For example, faith in spirit will make any small act an unfailing success.  An ordinary headache is cured by aspirin. Physiologically, if one knows the exact reason for the headache, that knowledge can mitigate the headache. It can fully remove the ache if the knowledge is precise and the belief in that knowledge is full. Move that knowledge to the spiritual centre of mind - between the brows or better still above the head - the headache vanishes at once.

(*) All the principles of this theory of organisation can be tested in the body.

(*) What is needed is a doctor of vast living experience and a patient who has a developed RATIONAL mind. It is easy to test when a disease is there. Theoretically all these principles can be tested on a healthy body. Only that instruments to measure the responses of the body are needed.

  • Man's success is within social achievement.
  • What the society is not ready for, it is not given to the individual to achieve. Society exists in two layers. The organised part that is effective but small and the unorganised part that is vast which has the power in potential but not effective for immediate purposes. This part is almost an infinity compared with the organised part that is tiny. This is comparable to the ocean of man's vast experience which he does not remember compared with what he remembers which is tiny.
  • To recognise the great potential in the unorganised part and its illimitable dimensions is first and essential. Next, one must know how to draw that power for us to be useful in a particular act like the Institution.
  • Any organised activity before it emerges into social recognition appears as a sporadic symptom at various points. Collect all these symptoms and give them a shape.
  • Also, the earlier stages of an organisation are energetic enthusiastic individual acts and a favourable opinion that is more widely prevalent. Recognise those points of public opinion and address those energetic enthusiastic individual acts, trying to bring them together. It will get a right shape.
  • Suppose you get great personalities to endorse your IDEAS, split these ideas into information and spread it through your own media. You will see a spurt of those energetic enthusiastic individual acts, shaping into a movement of its own.
  • That intellectual leadership and this action of a movement to which the ideas led the public is what I call, education is leadership in thought that leads to action.
  • More than action, capacity to protect the movement from sudden attacks is essential. One must develop a sixth sense to perceive those symptoms and be capable of taking the appropriate inner action that will offer the necessary protection.
  • Man can be a scoundrel. When the society has not outgrown scoundralism, he may even be elected as a leader and be adored for his being a scoundrel His corruption would not be frowned upon. People may even discover some other virtues in him. Corruption in such conditions will come to stay and become a system till that system comes to a grinding halt.

- Almost in all societies there were robber barons. They were the first natural leaders of the society, a leadership of the physical force.

- Corruption is the phenomenon of excess energy of the society taken advantage of by those in power. They aim at power for that purpose. In times when no conscience is developed and no standards of public behaviour exist, it will not be considered corruption. It would rather be the privilege of the successful. In later centuries, for whatever reason, if the society has developed a conscience, that privilege will be seen as corruption. Notwithstanding the public perception, corruption will forge ahead in the society.

- In all societies that prosper beyond what the value system can sustain, corruption is inevitable. Corruption is the negative expression of prosperity that exceeds the value of the society. In a less developed society, the positive expression of prosperity is corruption.

- It is for this reason corruption in any nation can be largely removed in today's context. Social mechanisms of records, registers, instruments of exchange are fully developed. Media is available. By availing of such services in full, even in the most corrupt country, 3/4th of the corruption can be wiped out. Favouritism can be largely blunted by introducing competition in public. That part of the corruption which still serves as an instrument of development and is enjoyed by those who are the victims cannot be removed now.

  • If all the PRINCIPLES of organisation are to be enlisted, it is not impossible for a few of us to sit together and cover all facets of organisation. But it will carry no conviction with others. One realistic way of listing the principles is to get all the facts of social experience and cast them into principles. The method I would prefer is to bring in each principle as and when the occasion arises.
  • The power of the unorganised potential in the society: I believe there are a few hundred thousand people who have intrinsically the knowledge I have. Suppose the right time comes or a right strategy to bring all those people in action can be devised and they take into their hands the rule of India, how powerful India will be.Every nation has such human potentials under its surface.

Its power depends upon the highest reach its culture once reached. Its availability now depends upon 1) the strategies to bring it to the surface, 2) the willingness of the population to honour these energies. In Mexico there is a craving to bring forth the old cultural values. In India the Indian values will be valued only when the authority sanctions. Presently that authority is US commercial leadership.

Action will take place by itself like lightning. No time is necessary. Action will precede Time, having moved into the plane of Timelessness.  Mother says 70% of India is left uncorrupted. As India has a past, it is easy to SEE here that potential. For me, to speak of USA, I can only deduce from the theory.

  • 2% of the population produces all the food. 30% of the population manufactures all the products. When production has come to stay, the subconscious knowledge must necessarily be there. Population is highly educated, fully informed. No individual can be unique according to our theory. Therefore that potential must be there in enormous measure, as printing, publishing, computer, internet, media are constantly charging that layer of the population. One great argument in favour of its existence is the population is increasingly using the economic opportunities in a democratic setup. Satiation of economic benefits allows the mind to exercise in freedom, which enables it to create in thought the organisation required in future.
  • We see the phenomenon of one or a few companies producing all the social requirements of any product. This makes the social mind secure about the productive necessities. So, it moves to thinking. Computer is only hastening the process.
  • The finite product is really the infinite centre of social potentials (computer).
  • To discover that man is enormously productive in agriculture, that companies can produce all the goods we need and computer is constantly hastening it and MONEY can be created in abundance, is to see the infinity of the material instruments of land, factories, machines, etc.The real discovery will be the discovery of MAN who has created all these. Two essentials the world needs to know are, 1) Man is the centre and ultimate, and 2) Man's capacities are infinite.
  • The American is practically infinite, the Indian is potentially spiritual.
  • Foreign residence, foreign citizenship.

When a man moves out of his native clime, he becomes more active than he was at home. So, it is desirable to encourage residence in a foreign land and offer citizenship to outstanding persons. No nation is as liberal in this as USA. Whether her progress is related to this phenomenon, I do not know. If immigration laws are relaxed, all poor nations will empty themselves into rich nations, which is undesirable. But to devise ways and means to encourage this line of thought is one way of drawing upon the potentials of the unorganised humanity.

  • A lady once said the day would be smooth if at the time of leaving the house in the morning the heart is full.She is saying that when her emotions are in the 1st Quadrant, it will keep one day of hers in the realms of unfailing success. Mother must have noticed among ordinary Indian people this spiritual knowledge of successful life and that is why she said people here in India have knowledge.
  • Our final AIM will be richly fulfilled if each one of the group tries to discover the CHOICE that eternally keeps us in the first Quadrant.

story | by Dr. Radut