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Principles of World Development


Principles on which Strategy is based








Creative reflecting the genius of the Society.

Earth is Mother To live in harmony with environment.

To produce the most beautiful useful at the cheapest price.

To make available products from anywhere.

Pursue only knowledge of environment and wisdom of society.

To work for the well being of one's own population and welfare of all.


Striving to bring justice & joy to others.



UN must comprehensively study the strategy and place it before the world public. Taking note of its advisory capacity, let UN's studies mature into advices with projections and correlations to other sectors.

Presently the UN is out of focus:

  • It does not consider Trade with an aim.
  • Its thoroughness in many fields without an aim makes the study sterile.
  • Positive results issue now more out of Man's readiness than out of the efficacy of the strategy (parallel with India).
  • UN must take trade only in its allotted place in the scale of values and not as the only force.
  • UN has no perspective on human motivation. Focuses on methods unrelated to human motivation which are undynamic. Methods alone cannot succeed. If it ever succeeds the result will create more problems than UN can handle (e.g. the unemployment of the educated in India).
  • The perspective will absorb the side effects of the future problems. The perspective must be to put the industrial capacity in the background and accept the challenge on the frontiers of human development.
  • All that is to be done is to place this perspective before UN and when it accepts let the UN follow the perspective as thoroughly as it now follows the sterile methods in trade, etc.
  • Present UN method is more reliance on matter than method.
  • A percentage of the army can now be deployed for development and conscription to the army for development between 20 and 25 years can be advocated.
  • West Germany and Japan are the strongest economies as they are under occupation. More countries can join.
  • A new treaty to form an occupied territory for the developing countries.

Avoid fertilizer, pesticide, create forests and vegetation; cut no tree.


The West should learn the environmental superstitions regarding trees, animals, birds, insects.

Freely lend your technology to other nations.

Try to help another country's trade.


Debt is a developer.

Win up some universities, preferably major ones.

Let all nations adopt world govt. in some measure.


Institutions are no longer for profit but for development.



Prepare original imitation of the best possible ideas and projects from one part to another part of the world.

All crops in India can yield 5 times more. Can be limited to all new crops, plants and animals.

Buy all labour intensive and obsolete technologies.

Introduce container shipping. Participate in all fairs and meets.

Auto bahn. International Export Promotion Council. International Food Corporation.

Upgrade the East with techniques, West with thought-oriented subjects.

Improvements in administration are in order.



In each country by virtue of recent history some higher forms of ideas are available. Take them to their logical conclusion.

Health food in the West.

Environmental cleanliness.

Ecological balance.

Quality and efficiency of the West has come to East by labour intensive exports.

Western system of education. All its strong points to be absorbed. Thinking to be developed. In the West perception is to be developed. In India the idea of hire purchase can be introduced in Education for Class I students. Educational effort in democratic countries is an accepted ideal. If tried, it will succeed.

Democracy in India. Extend to all Govt. and social institutions. West can learn to soften political life with cultural values and aims.


Do the minimum under accepted heads.



Lay roads to every town and village.





What new movements got started in post war period extend and multiply to other fields (Institutionalise smaller versions of successful life*).

Amul in India. Grape cultivation. Extend it to fruit growing.

Greater Leisure made possible be given to the population for progress.

Development of Dept. Stores in poor nations. Special market (like Health food) for each field that will upgrade culture.

Eradication of illiteracy. Eradicate quack mechanics. Eradicate quack managers. English medium nursery school. Sanskrit and oriental studies in the West. Study of oriental music, dance, culture. Holland:

Dissolution of empires. Extend to dissolution of economic imperialism.

Bank loans. Hire purchase in Holland. L.I.C.

Bank expansion.

*Bank can do what Marwaris do now.


Implement all available internationally beneficial schemes of Work Bank, UN, UN bodies, IMF, UNDP, birth control.

West can contribute the percentage of GNP required to World Development.





Birth Control in S.India.


Also the same with national projects.








Simple but highly beneficial innovative schemes.

Afforestation of Kutch. HMP in cottage industry. Doubling the agriculture products in USA to be sold outside price subsidized by UN.

Multiple crop system of Japan can be spread to other nations.

Coal liquefaction for India. West can sell labour intensive obsolete technology.

International Export Promotion Council to put buyers and sellers in contact by its own study and effort. International Food Corporation among agreeable nations.

Introduce in India Western standard of education partially.




Work in areas where the field is ready because an allied work is already established.

Vegetable growing in Tamil Nadu.


Telephone is spreading. Boost to trade will be well received as the telecommunications is there.

Nursery schools in India.

Management colleges in India.


Road laying will succeed as transport is organized in Tamil Nadu. Tap social initiative.


Invite mutually beneficial help wherever possible.

Foreign investors in agriculture of Israel's standard.

US can double its agri production and the grains can be supplied through I.F.C. to all need countries.

Export-oriented zones in Santa Crus.

India has products and technology but businessmen are inefficient and unreliable. If international banks can replace L/C by guarantees trade can open up very much. Extend internal banking to international banking.





Innovate possible small areas (Help projects in live fresh areas).

Fishing in India. Plants & animals from similar climates (invite farmers from the country of origin to initiate the first farm). Vegetable cultivation India will be a success as food production is up. Invite foreign personnel for 3rd World countries for agri development (Example: Indo-German project).

Pappaya canning between two countries can be encouraged.

Gap filling industries like prawn processing one in Cuddalore.


Western standard of education in India.

Grant helpful visa support to useful immigrant population as Indians in Gulf countries.



Use for others what is wasteful to us.

West flowing rivers in Kerala can supply all power and food for Tamil Nadu.







Use for us what is now wasted.

Excess water in Tanjore.




Let Kerala trade food and power for west flowing rivers.



Discover wealth in the present calamity.

Make the swelling population produce all food necessary. Pressure of population would have done its good. Grand Canal.







Education is the key development force. Expenses on development can be fixed relating to available education. The rest will be wasted.








Public approval and encouragement.

The UN can study viable projects and commend them to Govts. (Garland Canal).





550 crores have come from Gulf through 2.5 lakhs of people in Kerala.


Multi national corporations are a lever for development.



Replace L/C.


Bigger primary unit for world union.



Obsolete technology of the West will be a boon to the East. The list is worth studying.








All unifying forces are a lever for development.


Computers create enormous leisure which is meant for higher pursuits. Undeveloped countries must be offered the services of computers. Relieve the physical mind.

Transport Communication can be extended wherever possible. International currency. Compare International date line and international calendar. All routes of communication with a break can be completed (Suez Canal).

Investment in primary education is like investment in a dam. All encouragement to education is called for.

Invest out of proportion in Education, Transport.

Restructuring of administration by professionals by advanced nations.

Intercultural, inter-spiritual education as of great importance.

Sanskrit varsity.

International language.


Exchange of auditors, doctors help integration. Integration of medical systems.





Aid and help -

Cooperation for mutual benefit -

Interdependence -

Enllightened self interest -





Serving one's interest while consciously being beneficial to another -

Realise the value for yourself of conscious cooperation with others -

To be of use to another is the only value of existence.

story | by Dr. Radut