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257. Reaching the Higher Consciousness

There are those who often succeed in invoking the Spirit. Some succeed sometimes. Others always succeed. It is a good beginning. Those who always succeed in invoking the Spirit are fit candidates to reach the higher consciousness. He who reaches the higher consciousness will not face problems of the type he has faced so far. At the level of higher consciousness, what is a problem today will change into an opportunity. Can we reach it? Can we reach it permanently?

I would like to describe a method by which the higher consciousness can be reached and retained. It is laborious, though the results are rewarding. It is best reached by our aspiration, an aspiration in silence - an aspiration of our deepest existence. It is bhakti. In its absence, a method will serve the purpose. We have more than one problem at a time or problems present themselves in succession. We solve each of them in succession by the invocation of the Spirit. It means we are capable of invoking the Spirit to solve one problem at a time. Let us say it is a problem of a loan overdue for long. Invocation helps us pay the loan and get rid of the problem. The swabhava that created the problem remains. It may again raise a similar loan. Or, it can rear its head through another issue.

That is a swabhava of absence of self-restraint. We need money. Someone can lend it. We take it and spend it with no thought of how to repay it. This is absence of forethought. It is impatience, a desire to accomplish more than what we can. We do not conceive its presence as one of a problem. We let it be there. To reach the higher consciousness permanently, one must consider the defective swabhava as a problem and try to get rid of it. Getting rid of it means not allowing any external problem that can arise out of its components. Invocation of Spirit to remove that requires greater concentration, in fact, greater self-awareness. Awareness is higher consciousness; unawareness is low consciousness. Because the swabhava is ever-present, the awareness must also be constant. Constant awareness of our low consciousness generating constant aspiration for the Divine leads to higher consciousness permanently.


story | by Dr. Radut