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 95)       One expression of the infinity emerging out of the infinitesimal is the formation of a resource.

One vote a man is given and he casts invisibly includes in itself the right to become the candidate himself. In a sense it is the way infinity hides in the infinitesimal.

A Resource is energy organised as a usable force or skill.

It may even be organised as a power or a link or even a strategy.

Human life is negative and therefore positive examples are rare.

Whether the example is positive or negative, the principle is true.

A priest was fond of building a school in the 40s. His high command was against the idea out of petulant jealousy. The management of the school was flush with money. Someone in the management taunted him whether he could build a school without financial assistance from them. He foolishly accepted the challenge having pious hopes of public support. No such support was forthcoming. Life was kind to him. His efforts to build the school economically led him to make his own bricks and mortar. There was a resource of profit. With that profit, he manfully built the school to its final stages. He happened to discuss with someone whose knowledge about Resources was theoretical. When the priest declared that in 25 years he collected Rs.2500/- from the public, his present annual budget was Rs.85,000/-. Applying the above principle, the theoretician showed him a resource in his circumstances. The priest calculated his annual income through that will be 80,000/- rupees.

Work is structured. Walking through that, one is efficient but narrow. He often meets with problems. Coming out of that structure, life is full of possibilities. Reviewing these possibilities in terms of our requirements, vast resources arise.

  • One vibration of the infinity taking form is an infinite Resource.
  • In theory, examining the non-formal resources of any project of Rs.1000 crores will bring to the surface another 1000 crores. This is so because in life for one part to act all the other parts are to hold still. Hence the potentials. In wartime we see the society throwing up all its potentials voluntarily to perform 5 or 6 time more efficiently. Western Europe in devastation could not know its own resources so it accepted the help of the U.S. USSR who knew the local resources restored life on its own.
  • A mother who gets four children in five years takes care of all the children and keeps house. When they are grown up that reservoir of capacity is there in her in potential. One can think whether the mother can function like that all her life. Can a man who works non stop during inspection work all year round like that? Work in all efficient places is on that scale. A neo rich man finds himself occupied for 18 or 19 hours a day all the year round. As it is pleasantly executed, he is not averse to it.
  • People who earned Rs.100/- an acre work a hundred times harder when they earn Rs.100,000 an acre. It has come to stay as a way of life. No one complains of more work.
  • Politicians in power and industrialists often work long hours. They do not grudge it.

What emerges in these examples is the phenomenon of the infinite energy through man the infinitesimal.

The future is not for structured formal work. As the Internet shows, the field will go on expanding without limits. We have to learn the strategy of bringing the infinity out of the infinitesimal.

96)       Discovery of fresh resources is a civilising influence.

Civilisation is to live in greater comfort and ease through better conveniences.

One who walks changing to horse riding is one such symptom.

How does a man come to ride a horse?

An idea of the Mind practiced makes riding possible. That idea is a mental resource.

Man was eating raw food and raw flesh.

To cook the food and roast the flesh was a step forward. Fire is a resource. To use fire for cooking is a resourceful idea.

Electricity is a force. Steam is power.

To discover that force and this power is a scientific endeavour.

To discover their use in telegraph and engine is a technological resource.

In the 18th century Europe, everyone studied everything, among them insects, plants and animals.

As a result of these studies, Charles Darwin discovered the principle of evolution.

Since then, the thinking of humankind is dominated by the phenomenon of evolution.

Man began to think and is seriously endeavouring to discover the phenomenon of evolution in every walk of life.

Nations are evolving into nation states.

Languages are evolving to become classical or vernacular.

Societies are evolving from tribal existence to urban living.

Governments are evolving into liberal democracies.

Education is evolving from an instrument of efficiency into an endowment of Mind.

As a result of such advances in thought, various resources were discovered.

  • Education was discovered as a Resource for administration as it creates intelligentsia.
  • Companies were identified as resources of prosperity for the population.
  • Technology was seen as a political resource to go around the governments to create a climate of international fellow feeling.
  • Currency revealed its political resource in uniting the European nations.

Fresh resources are

1. Ground-breaking discoveries.

2. Small significant innovations in the existing way of life.

In between there are a large number of discoveries of resources known as change each of which powerfully shakes the society of which it is a part. Paper currency did it then, VISA does it now.

In India, arranged marriages are yielding place to love marriages, a very small change from a wider perspective as marriage as an institution remains intact. But it is shaking the very foundation of Indian society and the freedom the young people feel in that possibility is great. To them arranged marriages now seem to be tribal, barbaric.

Such resources are mechanical, technological, natural, instrumental, social, institutional, organisational, domestic, rural, urban, civic, financial, artistic, and in every walk of life.

The shift from the fountain pen to felt tip pen, from the typewriter to the computer have revolutionalised living.

97)       While resources emerge out of the immediate environment now, we must not forget anything is a resource for any activity.

American public life belied the age-old belief that the leadership of the country, the wealthy man, the scholar, should come out of aristocracy and royalty. America demonstrated the Truth that accomplishment in public life is by hard work, training and organisation.

Philosophically and spiritually, each is in all and all is in each. Technology is well on the way to demonstrating this truth.

Even what happened in the hoary past can reveal this truth when we know there was no birth in the beginning. The humble origins of Napoleon or Socrates or even Shakespeare testify to this fact.

  • Anything can serve as a resource for any purpose if only the strategy of conversion of energy and the rule of the link are known.
  • It is not the veterans that won World War II but teenagers dedicated to the cause.
  • A viceroy who was an agriculture expert saw three million starve to death in Bengal in 1943. His successor, a military general, commissioned his army efficiency to enforce strict distribution and stopped the starvation deaths.
  • India faced mass starvation in 1965. FAO predicted disaster. A right organisational strategy based on a truth of life by a Cabinet Minister who was anxious to quit the Food Portfolio ushered in the Green Revolution.
  • There are instances of unschooled men founding universities.
  • What conquests war alone can give, what peace military conquest alone can bring, humanity discovered a marriage alliance can secure. It served to preserve peace for very long periods and avoid war on crucial occasions in Europe and elsewhere.
  • The discovery of steam power and wind power is such.
  • In India, a great discovery is being made. Corruption and tax evasion breed black money. But black money must find employment. It becomes investment in Small Scale Industry; it goes to fund new colleges, hospitals, particularly educational institutions. Thus black money has proved to be a resource for education. At the dawn of Independence in Madras for 23 districts there was one engineering college and two medical colleges. Now for the same region for 10 districts there are 220 engineering colleges and 43 medical colleges. It is ironical but true.
  • It was not the aim of the British to found an Empire. Their main interest was in trade. Trade became a source of Empire by circumstances.
  • Troy was the earliest landmark in history. It was fought over Helen. It gave birth to Hellas. The beauty of a woman became a resource for the entire western civilisation.
  • Purity of the French language made France intellectual.
  • In World War II, enmity of the Allies to USSR became a resource to their cooperation that led to victory.

98)       Presently every resource emerges out of mind. But body, vital, mind, Spirit can be resourceful in their own planes.

To create a new possibility of energy, power, comfort, expansion or profit out of a present

potentiality is a Resource.

Life exists in several planes.

Each plane has many parts and many aspects.

The traits and characteristics of a plane are different from its parts or aspects.

Each one of them in relating to another develops a strategy.

Specific skills are called for to put these strategies into action.

The energy in these skills, strategies, parts, traits, aspects are specific to itself.

For a smooth working and maximum results these energies are to be reconciled by a skill that is the knowledge of the entire organisation.

An instance of increasing physical efficiency during the war in shipbuilding revealed a potential of a 440 fold increase. This is a resource within the physical plane.

The phenomenon of second wind is a resource within the vital plane.

Mental plane ranges from the primitive who made a tool and a genius. In between, it is very full of resources. Its resources are

─         Ideas

─         Links

─         Organisations

─         Planning

─         Coordination

─         Technology

These resources are capable of drawing immense invisible powers from the subtle plane as the mechanical advantage reveals.

A river linked to fields through canals opens up new resources that are vast.

About a thousand years ago a lake of 13 mile long was constructed in South India. Modern Engineers who visited the lake marveled at the IDEA that created the lake in view of the fact in the 10th century few tools of measurement were available.

Memory is a resource of the Mind. It performed the miracle of preserving the Vedas over so many millenniums all over India with the same pronunciation. One can ask an expert in memory a hundred questions in succession in varying subjects by a hundred different people to whom he will answer in the same succession even if questions on poetry, mathematics, astronomy, and astrology are mixed.

Imagination is another rich resource of Mind which created the Poets.

The soldier on the battlefield exhibits enormous capacities of vital endurance of pain which is inconceivable during times of peace.

The body releases its resources of hidden powers when it tries to save itself.

 Its convulsive powers are to be seen to be believed.

The Near Death Experience reveals powers of Spirit ordinarily not understood.

The vital capacity of a lover's instinctive knowledge of the presence of his beloved in a big crowd always takes him by surprise.

99)       When one plane impacts on another, a greater resource issues.

A Resource can be generally described as the result of Mind on a plane. A computer chip is the result of mental impact on sand. This is true of endless resources.

A more basic rule is a higher plane's impact on a lower plane generates a resource.

A road is an instrument of transport. A village is a location of primitive agriculture.

A road laid across a village makes the village mobile, prosperous, civilised.

Before printing came education, in many cultures, was given by a scholar.

He was the textbook, as he knew it by heart. The pupil before he started learning had to memorise the texts sitting with the teacher. It was confined to a few.

Printing technology came. It extended education to all through schools, as the texts were now available as printed books.

Technology is what everyone can see around as an expression of the above statement.

Families were confined to local areas. Their scope for alliance or sale of produce was within the radius of 5 or 10 miles. Railways came. It is technology. It is transport. Their social resources of inter- marrying and price for their produce extended all over the nation multiplying several fold.

Imagine any kingdom anywhere in 1500 AD. There was life at a minimal level. Government was there. It was the king and his coterie. ORGANISATION is a social resource of the mental plane. Administration was born. The government was organised. Some departments were there. Life advanced 100-fold.

Roman Empire was a landmark in history. Its success lasted centuries, but it was unable to create a human unity beyond giving Roman Law to others.

What the Empire failed to achieve, Christianity achieved. Christendom arose across the borders of nations uniting people based on a common faith. This political resource was made possible by the impact of religion on rational life.

For the retailer market is a greater capital than Money. He had no way of expanding his market. When newspapers were organised, Mind gave him the idea of advertisement. Around the time of World War another IDEA of Mind arose that customer satisfaction was a resource. It expanded the retailer's market enormously.

Such impacts are possible as below:

  • Mind on the physical.
  • Spirit on the Mind.
  • Vital on the body.
  • Mind on the vital.
  • Spirit on the body.
  • Spirit on the vital.

Any higher plane impacting on a lower plane creates resources.

Even the impact of the lower on the higher creates resources. It is a different topic.

100)     Resources can emerge out of anything. For example, one can create a vast resource out of punctuality.

Resources are of many kinds, creative, dynamic, preservative, organisational, etc.

The higher plane impinging on the lower plane creates opportunities and energy.

Increasing speed or efficiency brings about dynamic resources.

Organising a loose structure creates preservative resources.

Introducing higher organisation is organisational resources.

In theory, there is no object, event, or person who cannot serve as a resource to you.

The Definition of a Resource: Reviewing potentialities in the light of opportunities, every new idea becomes a Resource.

Steam was a resource of power when its power was recognised.

Education was a national resource in China which enabled them to create an intelligentsia that came to stay.

The Americans used education as a direct resource for information for their work. As soon as a state was organised the first thing they did was to found an agriculture college which in time became a university.

Money served as a Resource for the Industrial Revolution. Normally the new technologies were that resource. Socially perceptive people saw the role of Money as an organiser and drafted its services for the Industrial Revolution.

An unorganised sector drawing upon an organised power for its growth is a social resource.

Indian Freedom Movement used satyagraha as a weapon successfully. In a spiritually developed nation, to be able to use the power in the invisible spirit proved to be a Resource.

During wartime, ship builders were to train workers to walk carefully on the narrow planks bridging the different work places. One man thought of local opera girls to be recruited to save the period of training.

Resources are supplied by similar fields.

Punctuality is a great resource in a country that has not accepted it.

Chairman Mao never knew of punctuality. He gave no fixed appointments for him to be punctual. When he was ready people were taken to him for the meeting, even heads of states. Should China accept punctuality as a national discipline or value, her GDP will double on that score alone.

Change of attitude creates resources as the employment of women. Raising the level of skills, say from memorisation to understanding, a mental resource comes into place.

When agriculture was related to chemistry, the resource of fertilizer arose.

Now, discovering the original strength of the soil in the microbes creates a higher resource than fertilizers.

The flabby muscles of a sedentary worker are shed and health infused by the resource of exercising the muscles.

Ladies all over the world have found a great resource in dress material to enhance their attractiveness.

story | by Dr. Radut