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111. Restoration of Lost Property

What is genuinely yours will not leave you. With the right inner effort, it can be retrieved.  The question of what is genuinely yours leaving you will not arise unless you give adequate cause in the inner fabric of your emotions. A young man who inherited a small substantial property was offered a bride of an affluent lawyer on condition he take a local job and tend his property. The young man was actuated by unrealistic ambition  but had no talents of any description.

It was the immediate post-war period which coincided with the post-independence period. The son of an erstwhile Viceroy's Executive Council Member chose this town to settle down in and bought a four acre plot from this young man for a fabulous price in those days - Rs. 5000/- per acre. He had another 1 1/2 acres of similar land and was nourishing his ambition to sell it in smaller plots at this rate.

News reached him that the government had acquired that little property of his and the order said the compensation was Rs. 2350/-. He was in no position to move sufficient influence to countermand the order of the Collector. He felt devastated and consulted a friend who was in touch with his own Spirit. What social status can or cannot do, the friend knows, the Spirit can do. He needed a clue on which he could act. As the father of that young man was in the army, the property was the property of an ex-service man. They appealed to the Ex-Service Men's association in Delhi by a letter to which a telegraphic reply came saying the Collector was advised by telegram not to acquire an ex-service man's property. The dull ambitious young man received the benefit, not knowing where it came from. Later he sold it for Rs. 47,000/-.

story | by Dr. Radut