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150) The horizontal expansion must be complete for the ascent to take place.

Heaping sand to raise it to a good height, we find it slides down to spread in a wide circle forming a foundation at the bottom. Only when the bottom is sufficiently large, does the centre rise slowly.

  • For a plane to rise there are several dimensions of it to be filled in and saturated viz. gross, subtle, physical, causal; surface and depth; horizontal and vertical, etc.
  • The gross physical planes may to an extent allow the plane to rise even when it is not saturated.The more subtle the plane is, the greater the need for it to be saturated.
  • 175 years ago English missionaries started schools and colleges all over India. Many were to be downgraded and some abolished as education at the lowest level was not fully spread.
  • The post office with its vast experience has learnt NOT to open new ones directly. They open an experimental office in a new place to know of the response first.Post office cannot come to a small remote place if in that area the habit of sending notes and letters to the neighbours is not already saturated.
  • Product improvements are not taken till the first few designs saturate the market.
  • No life of a couple will acquire meaning unless their physical housekeeping, their primary manners between them are fully right.
  • No superstructure can be built without foundation is one aspect of it.
  • Coca-Cola introduced a far better tasting drink and their customers demonstrated against it, demanding the old one.In matters of taste people do not so much need the better one as the one they are used to.
  • In another sense no product - air conditioner or TV, etc. - can be built up in the market, if their maintenance service is not fully organised.
  • We can safely say the Stock Exchange will shrink if the broker service is not there.
  • No functioning army can be organised in a country if the fighting spirit is not there among the population.
  • Ascent is a higher plane, horizontality functions like a lower plane.
  • Life rises not like a skyscraper but like a pyramid widening at the base.

149)     Ascent is slow steady progress.

            Descent is vast fast progress

Where they meet progress is instantaneous and infinite.

Ascent starts at million points.

Its starting is slow and its gathering is slower.

It is slow because to ascend it needs higher energy.

To function in the same plane a small amount of energy is enough, not for rising.

In the field of knowledge and Money it is evident it collects in trickles.

Further after this process covers the whole plane, it has to saturate the plane.

The process and strategies for the original collection, for its covering the whole plane and for ascent are different.

The creation of these strategies is as important as the collection of energy.

The descent waits for a similar process which too is slow in the higher plane.

Once the saturation is complete the descent begins all at once and therefore it is fast.

In a community it takes time for each individual to collect some savings.

Once sufficient savings are collected, it is time for a bank to come into existence.

For the individual member who has savings to Trust his Money with the bank is not necessarily the next step.

It is another new social innovation.

It needs as much time as the savings to come into existence.

Once all the savings are pooled in the bank, the lending can start all at once.

It took several decades, even centuries for the society to know the institution of education.

For the society to offer universal compulsory education only takes a few decades.

  • The ascent takes centuries or millenniums.
  • The descent takes decades.

These upward and downward movements are mostly independent of each other. Where they meet the social consequences or results are great, immense, vast.

  • Monarchy is an ascending movement of power vested in leadership.
  • Democracy is a descending movement of devolution of power vested in the Individual.
  • The one was there for several millenniums.

The other spread over a few centuries.

  • Where do they meet?

The fully educated informed Individual ready to assert his personal liberty through the social institutions of the country they meet. When they DO meet the power of these institutions are great, vast instantaneous. Their word is LAW.

  • Even in education and earning these three movements, their differing speed, their varying powers are clearly seen.
  • Monarchy exercised its power through the army and police.
  • Democracy organised its power through educational institutions, the media and the judiciary.

When they meet they need a new institution.

It is the ubiquitous Internet and World Wide Web.

Monarchy used physical power, democracy resorts to mental, vital powers while the plane where they meet releases subtle power of the Mind and vital.

148)     Saturation, exhaustion of potentials, intensity, perfection, and uniqueness are important concepts in ascent and descent.

This being a theoretical Quest, the inclination at every step must be to find out the THEORY behind rather than look for an appropriate example which is a process of not conceptualisation but a mere mentalisation.

Words are symbols, and cannot in their natural constitution be wholly realistic.

Tree is a word man created for the whole of what the tree is.

Leaf, flower, fruit are similar extensions of the tree.

There is no word, rather there can be no word symbolising all the parts of the tree and all its visible or invisible aspects as language itself has not developed that capacity still. We do not know yet whether it is a desirable faculty and one humanity must develop.

We are here in the section of ascent and descent in one of its aspects of saturation.

Directly the issue presents itself as saturation of what.

We know of the saturation of Energy.

Also there is saturation of force.

Power, its next version, too can seek saturation.

What the power accomplishes also can saturate the plane.

Each plane has its potentials.

At the point of saturation we see we have exhausted the potentials.

They are almost simultaneous.

If so, what is the difference between looking at the phenomenon from either side?

Man exhausts the potentials of a plane.

What acquires intensity by his effort may be energy or force or something else.

Perfection too can be looked at from the point of view of Force or Form or from any one of the aspects of saturation, exhaustion of potentials, intensity, and uniqueness.

Uniqueness is the birthright of anyone or anything.

The Form can be unique or any other aspect can attain to it.

Perfection is reached when uniqueness is attained.

All these ideas expressed in statements are there in the descent as well as the ascent.

Only that they wear a different appearance even as a train between two destinations remaining the same its motion is in the opposite direction.

As this phenomenon appears at all points of human existence an analysis at one point - education ascending in quality or currency rising from one function to the next higher function - will make all these aspects clear.

We can safely say that saturation of any plane with respect to any aspect will be arrived at when the potentials are exhausted, taking the intensity to its maximum, when the form attains perfection and uniqueness.

Ascent is an ever-present phenomenon.

So too is descent.

Saturation in the ascent is entirely different from the saturation in the descent.

147)     Saturation of a plane is to exhaust the potentials of that plane.

Ascent by a plane saturating itself by the exhaustion of its potentials is seen in the following examples.

1) A volunteer becomes a leader.

2) A student becomes a teacher.

3) A military leader takes over political leadership.

4) Water by heat becomes vapour.

5) A local municipality changes into a corporation of metropolis.

6) A talented public speaker turns into an author and publishes.

7) A professor professes a law and becomes an original thinker.

8) An employee rises to become an employer.

9) A disciple becomes a Guru.

10) A nation enters Prosperity getting rid of Poverty.

11) Money that was a coin matures into paper currency.

12) A retailer becomes a manufacturer.

13) A prosperous trading nation matures into a colonial power.

14) A worker becomes an executive.

15) A newspaper reporter founds a newspaper.

16) A lexicographer matures into an editor of an encyclopedia.

17) An employee of a company becomes its CEO.

18) A lawyer is elevated to the bench as a judge.

19) A prose writer turns into a poet.

20) The owner of a repair shop turns it into a manufacturing factory.

In all the above examples, the process is the same but the fields are different. When a flame exhausts its energy, it is not enough for it to rise. It has to exhaust all its potentials too. A professor teaches for long and exhausting his teaching energies is not enough for him to emerge as a thinker. If he has potentials of writing, he must exhaust them too. A repair mechanic may become an expert in all types of repairs, but it is not enough. If he has slight abilities of designing, he should also exhaust those potentialities before he succeeds to open a factory.

  • A worker, who has no potentialities of a boss, will retire as a worker. He may have a large or small potentials to be an executive. As soon as he exhausts them, he will rise. Instead, if he counts upon his seniority for promotion, he will never get it.
  • A lexicographer collects words, studies their origin, roots, history and orders them in a dictionary. This study may open up a possibility of his collecting material for an encyclopedia through the dictionary. An encyclopedia is a collection of facts not mere words, is of a higher order of knowledge. Should he have some potential, his coming forward to exhaust this potential will make his dictionary reputable and lead him to higher ventures.

146)     Saturation is at the levels of aspiration, energy, force, power, results.

Though aspiration, energy, force, power, and results are all independent entities, each succeeds the previous item and is a result of the maturing of the previous item.

Our Theory posits that the Society is self-existent and is self-determinant. When it aspires it releases a chain that ends in the result.

The French Revolution was the aspiration of the then French society.

It released the Revolutionary energy.

Directed by the will of the people, it became the Revolutionary Force needed to destroy the anachronism of aristocracy.

To found a new society that would uphold Liberty, Equality and Fraternity it needed a power, an organised power. A Force is enough to destroy, is not enough to create.

In the absence of such a Power, for several years from 1789 the revolutionary aftermath was a nebulous unformed mass.

Such a Power needs a leader, an ideal, a structure.

At that time the only structured institution was the army.

The army threw up a popular, powerful general.

The Revolutionary Force passing through the structure of the army became the Revolutionary power.

It was that Power that established the French Empire.

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity were given to the whole of Europe through Code Napoleon which was the Revolutionary result.

  • Taken as a whole, we see aspiration, energy, force, power, results saturate the political plane to establish the three principles.
  • We also see that only when each gets saturated in its own domain, it moves along the chain.

Saturation is a general phenomenon in a changing situation.

It is one of the cardinal principles of social evolution.

It is necessary for the general ascent.

It is also necessary for the descent.

In a chain of successive items it is necessary for each item to mature into the next.

A plane has more than a dozen traits.

Some of them exist in a linear succession.

There the phenomenon of saturation at once arises.

Movement from one status to another is change or progress if it is not chaotic.

In any ordered change, linear or vertical, saturation plays an essential role.

145)     Descent from above too demands saturation of another type.

The above can be stated as "To receive something from above, one needs a qualification.

For a village to receive a bus route, there must be enough people who would go out daily.

For that, they should have enough work.

For a bus route to descend on a village we may say its prosperity should be saturated.

At the turn of the 20th century, plague descended on India. The British government offered to vaccinate the population to immunise them.

The white population responded.

The native population rebelled. The government did not compel them.

The plague deaths in terms of a ratio between the white and native population was 1:30

Help comes from above which can be figuratively called descent.

To receive that help that plane needs to be saturated with a qualification.

President Johnson agreed to send India a hundred million dollars worth of food grains in 1965 but he had a doubt about the capacity of Indian ports to handle such quantities.

Some ships were sent to Karachi in Pakistan and others to Rangoon in Burma from where the grain had to travel by rail.

The saturated presence of transport infrastructure is necessary to receive food aid.

Money made rapid progress in USA in the 18th and 19th centuries, so the paper currency was able to emerge in time.

Banks chartered were more than successful.

Opposition arose from the landed gentry who felt the banks were robbing them of hard-earned money.

No less a person than the President lent support.

Paper currency had to retreat.

Even a bank was closed.

For the progress of paper currency to descend on a state, they need a certain mental maturity.

The British Admiralty refused to countenance a ship fitted with a steam engine.

It was refused out of hand.

144)     Ascent to the next plane is possible only when this plane is saturated with energy.

Saturation is entirely different from fullness.

Fullness is of the quantity, saturation is of the density.

The significance of related concepts will bring out the value of saturation.

Completion, totality, wholeness, fullness, integrality, perfection are the related concepts.

Perfection touches upon the quality of existence.

Integrality speaks of the full richness of the existence of parts in relation.

Fullness is often of the volume.

Wholeness is against the part.

Totality is the opposite of partiality.

Completeness is against incompleteness.

Especially when latent energy like heat enters the picture, saturation stands out in the full significance of it.

Ascent here, at least, is not spoken of as a unidimensional movement as a rocket rises into the air.

By ascent here we mean the whole plane rises to the next plane.

We speak of saturation of this plane with energy.

The three stages of energy are force and power.

For one plane to ascend into the next plane it must be saturated with energy.

For it to rise to the third plane - as from the physical to the mental - this first plane must be saturated with force. Energy alone will not do.

For the physical plane to rise further into the spiritual plane the physical plane must be saturated with power.

Horizontally the physical plane extends to the subtle-physical and causal-physical.

For such a movement the physical plane must be saturated with skill and later with capacity to accomplish.

Saturation of the physical plane with all the capacities it can ever acquire will enable it to extend it to the causal-physical plane.

Similar arguments are due to the vital, mental, spiritual, supramental planes.

As Time exists in three poises, we can patiently write down the conditions of the physical, vital, mental, spiritual, supramental planes to acquire the further poises of Timelessness as well as Simultaneous Integrality of Timeless-Eternal and Time - Eternity.

A further stage of descent from the topmost to the bottom-most covering the gross, subtle, causal versions, the three poises of Time, the two divisions of consciousness and substance, the two aspects of positive and negative will make the table more comprehensive but never complete, as there are endless further dimensions.

story | by Dr. Radut