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Introduction to Saturation

The principle of latent heat in physics declares that the liquid will remain at the boiling point till the whole volume turns into vapour. For the liquid state to pass into gaseous state an excess energy of heat is required.  The earlier state has to be saturated with heat. It is not enough to touch the boiling point.

  • Man moves from the physical to the mental or spiritual.

Dividing each of these levels into surface and depth - consciousness and substance - he has to rise through 6 or 8 levels.

  • To move to each higher status, his present level must be saturated with energy is a cardinal principle.
  • This is true in all fields

1) In physics for a change into liquid and gas.

2) In nations for them to reach political maturity.

3) In technology for it to raise the standard of living.

4) In psychology for the emergence of character, personality and individuality.

This is equally true when these fields are sub-divided and the division continues ad infinitum.

  • Language passes through the stages of dialect, slang, grammatical, literary prose, poetry till it reaches the blank verse.
  • Act matures through eleven stages to reach consciousness.
  • Physical sensation rises to spiritual values through the stages of vital sensation, feeling, sentiment, thought, mental sensations of imagination and discrimination.
  • The gross physical plane similarly rises to the causal plane through vital, mental and their subtle parts.
  • Even in memorisation, the processes of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division permit this law.
  • Every advancement in computer is consciously taken through such stages appropriate to technology only after the existing state is saturated.
  • Survival, growth, development, evolution is another version of such a chain.
  • Order, law, justice, dharma take the developed human conscience through four stages obliging the stipulation of saturation.
  • Attraction, attachment, affection, love is the process in human relationships.

story | by Dr. Radut