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102. Scarcity is NOT Real

It is infinite Brahman that created this world of infinite joy. Infinity is not only a Spiritual concept or Mathematical concept. Infinity is a practical concept. Man has a genius for creation in the positive as well as negative sides. This modern world of ours with infinite variety of wonders is a creation of the human mind. Man also has the peculiar capacity of becoming a slave to his own creation, as we become a willing helpless slave of passionate attachment. The finest example of this type is man who has created money as a tool for his own convenience, and become an utter slave of money, in the course of time. Air is in plenty. Nothing can be in greater abundance than air or water, but our way of life has certainly made air scarce in smog-laden cities. Water has become universally scarce.

Man squanders, overdoes, unconsciously offends the laws of life and creates problems. He forgets he has infinite creative talents. His own survival is because he has infinitely adapted himself to the environment. Resources are plentiful when we approach them as they are. They become scarce the moment we insist on life rising to our occasion. In Israel where the rainfall is only 11", one finds the best agricultural productivity in the world, whereas Sirapunji in Assam with a rainfall of 454", the highest in the world, suffers from water scarcity in summer.

Waste, neglect, over-utilisation are ways of life that are unconscious. Prudence, attention, maximum utilisation are conscious ways of life. Human life on earth is a record that speaks of the infinite resourcefulness and infinite creativity of man. He must grow conscious of his environment, his own inner capacities to discover that there is no real scarcity in the world other than what man has created by his own unconsciousness.

story | by Dr. Radut