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Secondary Education

January 21, 2004


  • Performance of a school can always be raised. The higher, the easier. High performing schools are already aware of the value of performance. Receptivity is from awareness. Therefore we don't have to create receptivity. It is like making a losing concern earn. How the school has used its potentials dictates its performance level. They have the right attitude. No need to create an attitude of accomplishment. A motive too is present.
  • Now that awareness, attitude and motive are present, better performance requires better utilization of these faculties.

  -  The above attributes are in the pupils, the teacher and the management.

  -  There are literally a thousand details to be attended to in these areas. As the school is performing in a satisfactory way,  it is apparent that they would have handled some of these attitudes rightly.

  -  For example: Performance can be achieved by authority, discipline, and motivation. Each can be of a varying version - scores, career, subject, understanding and so on. Private tuitions will be achieving this result in some places. Raising the level of school performances will remove the tuition income that the teachers get from the students. The teachers maybe disappointed, not knowing that a greater career will open to them when the whole school is better. The parents may respond more if tuitions can be dispensed with.

We have the Right answers to all problems.
  •  In any organisation there are thousands of links, points of contact - pupil and the subject; subject and the teacher, parent and student, point of understanding a map and the facilities to secure a map, and so on. Forging any link improves the efficiency. Whatever the present performance is, it can be proposed that a hundred new links can be started at first. It will energise the school. The goal is to forge all links at the highest level.
  • A certain professor compelled his students to write the subtitles of the answers at the beginning of the answers in the exams and write these in red ink or underline the subtitles. This enables the examiner to know the value of the answer. It secures better scores. This is simple. Handwriting is another facet. The opening sentence in the answer is yet another. These are at the physical, mechanical level.
  • To ensure one hundred per cent attendance is possible in the best school for seventy five per cent  of the days. When the students were motivated to come to the class, the poorest school recorded one hundred per cent attendance on four days of the week.
  • Students writing down the answers every day after the class, guarantees their memory of comprehension one hundred per cent.
  • Instead of directly teaching, if the teacher switches over to the method of making the students participate in the teaching process, the energy level of the class will be high.
  • Let us look at the school at the level of their present performance. I don't think they will be doing more than 20% of what I have in mind. There is a long way to go. Greater heights are achieved by greater attitudes and wider freedom.

story | by Dr. Radut