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323. Self-Awareness is Soul-Awareness

When man awoke from his slumber in the physical consciousness, he became aware of himself. That is how selfishness is born. We are usually sorry that people are not aware of their defects. Mother says that we are not aware of spiritual prerogative. In her terminology it is called unconsciousness. Here I revert to my usual theme that today man in India is not aware of the enormous social potentials the country has. I would go further and say we are not aware of our rights, our privileges as a student, as a lawyer, or as an officer. Let me cite a few glaring examples.

A Director of Public Education after retirement became a vice-chancellor. From there he went to another university as a vice-chancellor. Universities are NOT government departments, nor are they under the direction or jurisdiction of the government. In his second posting, he wanted to found a medical college. He applied to the government for permission, little knowing that he was his own decision-maker. Perhaps his long service in the government and his loyalty to government prompted him to do so. An American importer of Indian goods got into trouble with the Indian exporter with respect to some gifts he promised, as the exporter had cancelled the agency of the importer. The importer paid the hundis - there were several - and instructed the bank in India how to allocate his payment. The bank colluded with its client and appropriated the payment as its client desired. Now the importer was being asked by the exporter to pay the gift amount through the court.

When we pay money into a bank, the money is ours. The bank has no authority over the money. The bank offers a paid service. Our view is that the bank has the authority and power. In the above case, the bank was lying in the court saying it had received no instructions for three years. At last the importer was advised to ask for his money back from his bank. The next day the bank in India 'received the instructions'. We do not know our right, our privileges, our potentials - we are not aware of our soul. Those who are awake in their souls will know all this. If not, life will knock at their doors in several fashions to disclose the rights, privileges, possibilities and potentials. One who is fully aware of all his social potentialities, if not possibilities in life, will be ushered into abundance and opulence.

story | by Dr. Radut