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Self-generation of Prosperity by the Society


April 21, 2003

  • Social determinism is Self-determinism.
  • Avatars have aspired for the abolition of suffering.
  • Great leaders have worked for the abolition of slavery.
  • Thinkers were dreaming of Prosperity, equality, and happiness for all mankind.
  • Religions have come to realise it.
  • Revolutions rose to fulfill those ideals.
  • Very much has been done; as much remains to be done.
  • The integral nature of society or creation is such that any far fetched ideal humanity has had, had its distant mild echo in the past. Our rule is nothing can emerge which is not in the Absolute. That Absolute seems to be peeping at us from the distant past.
  • An idea is realised when the Society takes it up into its own hands fully.
  • The pioneer, the leader, the Avatar, etc., broaches the subject to the world. It comes to be accepted long after. Some token experiments succeed. It spreads as an initial wave. Slowly either the government or the society or both take it up, give life to it and sponsor it, give support in the form of a new organisation. That has been the history of any successful social movement until now.
  • Often such an aim is fulfilled copiously and to saturation by a technology.
  • When someone turns bad or anti-social, he cannot live any longer in his place. He migrates to Madras. It is a frequent experience that he becomes a VIP later and is welcomed by his own native place. What happened here is the urban centres create innumerable opportunities which are suspect in the eyes of the population. Castaways readily clutch at them. They rise quickly. Persons in the society have no courage to resort to the new opportunities created by the society. But one who is thrown away by the society takes to them. People can see the results, not the opportunities.
  • The history of any flourishing town like Madras or Bombay is replete with such instances. The history of USA has standardised this phenomenon as there was no inhibiting influence there for progress since the social context and mental attitude were fresh all over.

- Illiterate children of five or six years learn computer usage by themselves very quickly.

- Absence of knowledge of English is no bar.

- They learn to use the mouse RESPONDING to what the computer does.

- Children do not suffer from the mental exhibitions we suffer from.

- 500 million children can be made computer-literate at a cost of $2 billion which will otherwise cost $ 4 billion.

- The scope is phenomenal, infinite and frightening.

  • 11 years olds learn to create web sites in six months, irrespective of their educational levels.
  • If one can find a commercial benefit to someone in the $2 billions project, Society can take to it and render all children capable of earning.
  • We were considering the creation of a website that may cost $400 in a fraction of that cost which, if it can be true, will eradicate poverty from India.
  • It seems poverty itself is nothing when the potential is seen fully.
  • The fact that someone can learn something implies that there is a way to earn through that learning.
  • To me it appears that such a project will create its own market which will raise the prosperity level of the population.
  • Should this happen, Society will take upon itself the sacred and dangerous work of the pioneer, usurping the role of the Planning Commission.
  • Such social endorsement occurs by the creation of an organisation which later becomes an institution.
  • Once such approval is there and an organisation emerges to fulfill it, trade and commerce see an opportunity there. That is how new products or technology arise.
  • Here a NEW technology seems to have arisen to fulfill social aspirations.
  • If this is true, it needs no sponsor, no support from government, no endorsement by social approval. It can begin by itself if someone tries a token experiment.
  • The prosperity we witness in India recently is not merely an Indian phenomenon. It is a world phenomenon.
  • Computer, rather Internet, is revolutionary in its conception. It is an instrument of a social revolution hitherto unthought of.
  • Poverty as well as ignorance can be wiped off the face of earth. Then VIOLENCE will be unheard of.
  • The Supramental Force of 1956 is organising itself and taking possession of Technology as well as social, subtle organisation, having moved from the governments it possessed in 1967.
  • An experiment conducted in Delhi shows children can learn.

- Next, they must be shown what they can learn usefully.

- Maybe the Internet can tell them that too, if they know the language.

- If it is known what skills can be learnt, the COMPUTER can play the role for the cream of children that the ITI can do.

- There are tailors, carpenters, cooks, hotel servers, teachers, lawyers, etc. Internet can upgrade the SKILLS of any of them if they look for it.

- Raising the SKILLS of a population is to raise the Prosperity of that nation.

- Internet can teach the population in a few years what the society has taught it in 100 or 200 years.

- Information is primary to the mind; skills are so for the body. There is vastly more.

- For example, the uneducated, especially the young, will flower differently on receiving knowledge of geography or history.

- Any higher knowledge acquired, especially by one's own effort, by the mentally undeveloped will have an entirely different effect now not predictable on the wide spectrum of that population

- The only experience the world has its own history. A better version of it was seen in USA emerging as a prosperous Nation.

- Now we will witness.

o USA emerging in all countries, and

o The results of higher skill and information on people who are emotional, subtle and occult.

- Certainly it will break new grounds on a very wide scale.

story | by Dr. Radut