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210. The Significance of the Insignificant

To know the significance of the insignificant is to discover the Infinite in the finite. Spiritually there is NOTHING which is without significance. We do not know the significance of several significant things because we are unconscious.

Duelling was banned some two hundred or three hundred years ago but it was practised in a few European countries. Englishmen who sought to duel therefore went to Belgium where it was in vogue. Duel was resorted to vindicate one's violated honour. Two Frenchmen got themselves locked into a duel 20 times in their life. One of them was passionately devoted to the art while the other acquiesced in the game as he could not refuse with honour. When someone desired to film that historical event and did so, he found out he had unconsciously chosen a spot where such duellists had lived long ago. We take it as a coincidence. It is not so.

Places, dates, hours, names, events, and persons all have their significances. Only that we never notice it. A man was hounded for long more by friends whose jobs and honour he had saved than by his rivals. The virulent abuses of the erstwhile friends matured into a hostile act and he was removed from service. He approached a friend of slight acquaintance who acted like a brother, went out of his way to move higher up and offered to reinstate the victim in seven days.

That kind officer's extreme good will acted in the subtle plane and the unfortunate prey of these hounds was reinstated while he was in conversation with that noble minded officer. The magnanimity of the distant friend was long a puzzle to the victim. In his past consecration he was thinking of an event where he had been forced to do a heinous crime to another. He had flatly refused. Suddenly it struck him that the name the officer bore was the same as the one whom he had refused to injure. That name remembered the act of benevolence and came back to the victim through the NAME of this officer. There is nothing INSIGNIFICANT in life if you are awake inside.

story | by Dr. Radut