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303)     Society makes the Individual decision determination.

Society particularised at one point is the Individual.

As the society develops, the Individual too develops.

The development of the society is seen in the externals of better human life,

organised social life, higher education for the individuals, abolition of violence, strife,

conflict; the society consciously advancing the cause of the Individual, the Individual

consciously creating better structure for the society, law and order, peace, etc.

Though the development of the Individual and that of the society are the same along the

parallel lines, the Individual takes initiative on his own behalf as well as on behalf of the


The society and the Individual are differently related in different issues.

In the ascent, society develops the Individual.

In the descent the Individual develops the society.

In the configuration of 1 to 9, decision and determination belong to No.3

Decision, there, belongs to the Consciousness-Surface.

Determination belongs to the substance-depth.

Decision is will organised.

Will is the Force of mental consciousness.

The Individual can make his decision determination by his commitment.

What happens then is the decision of the mind is endorsed by the emotions as well as the


In the absence of the social development to support the energy of the Individual

decision, only a Pioneer can change his decision into determination.

In a period the society is advancing the Individual without much effort advances on

many lines, or all lines.

That generally occurs all over 1 to 9.

His security in 6 is better.

His conception in one is superior by the social progress and so on,.

Whatever faculty the Individual has, the society strengthens it, organises it, and takes it

from the consciousness to substance if possible.

Decision becoming determination is one such.

When higher education starts spreading, not all parents will be thinking of educating their children.

As it is a new activity, many will not venture as it is too daunting.

Some will desire it but will not be able to decide.

A few others will start with a decision but only some of them will execute it.

Others will change in the middle, as not all youth are being educated.

If that happens to be a period of social progress, the parents' decision, by the prevailing atmosphere will become determination.

We see a similar phenomenon in India where babies are registered for pre-kindergarten class one year or even earlier in advance.

Decision becoming determination in various occasions is important to an individual. For example

─   To an aspiring athlete;

─   At points of transition in life;

─   When one faces a crisis in life;

─   When one is on the point of making a growth.

295)     Today's awareness is tomorrow's achievement.

Awareness precedes achievement.

Awareness is mental and achievement physical.

In man mental learning waits for the achievement till it is implemented.

With the body it is different.

It cannot wait a minute if its learning is complete.

Those who learn to drive a machine, who learn a foreign language are aware of this behaviour of the body.

In the Mind knowledge and will are separate.

Knowledge may acquire the skill, but the achievement will wait till the Will learns it.

In the body the knowledge is situated in the will.

Hence it is able to act instantaneously.

Of course social awareness leads to social achievement.

Here the social awareness mentioned is conscious awareness.

Society's awareness is subconscious.

It becomes conscious in the Individual.

From one Individual through multiplier effect it reaches all individuals.

Then it becomes social knowledge or social awareness.

Society acts like a body as it is subconscious.

When society responds it is full as well as instantaneous.

In the First World War Britain was considering conscription.

Before calling for conscription the government learned that the recruitment was full.

When FDR requested the deposits to be returned to the banks, the depositors lined up before the banks on the day bank opened.

Presently Money is multiplying rapidly.

Money multiplies when Man trusts another, the society, the government, etc.

As soon as that Trust is born the visible effects of Money multiplying are seen.

A few years ago every state government in India was bankrupt.

Their income could only meet the salaries.

A turnaround occurred recently.

All state governments are in glut in Money.

One of them is returning tuition fees to students of professional colleges.

One Internet expert expressed an opinion that soon Money will be in a great surplus.

Society is known to be sluggish. It takes centuries to move.

Even when it agrees to change, it changes slowly.

After the cold war, for 17 years the nuclear powers are feeling the need for those weapons.

It is true when awareness is not there.

Once the awareness is born, achievement follows.

The social energies can be either in the physical (gross) or subtle or causal planes.

In the physical plane, work does not move, is only prepared with the requisite tools.

In the subtle plane, energy enters and moves work quickly.

In the causal plane it is accomplished.

Knowledge in the physical plane pushes the energy of the subtle plane to the causal plane where it is instantaneously accomplished.

291)     Expansion is evolutionary.

Expansion is extension in all dimensions.

Expansion is more than growth.

It is a growth through excessive energy at the source.

During phases of passive survival the society generates enough energy to survive.

While the society is in a boom, the energy it releases is more than the usual energy and it sustains the extra growth.

During these periods the springs of energy are activated.

It is not only a greater amount of energy but energy of a higher quality.

The prosperity of USA in the 19th and 20th centuries was not only in quantity but was in quality. It was evolutionary.

It was evolutionary in the sense that

─         Man earned for himself, not for any master.     In this he has destroyed the fetters of his class.

─         His productivity, rather higher productivity was not only out of greater, harder work,                        but was the work of an emancipated individual.

─         His abundance did not go to aggrandise royalty or to preserve the existing class consciousness.

─         He produced so much that the existing institution of currency was outrun making cash in short supply.

─         His productivity rose directly by higher knowledge which he got from an agriculture college. It was the first institution he founded as soon as a new state was formed.

─         The American public continually created new organisations and extended the existing organisations. So, his higher production was from an evolving society.

            Hence, the expansion of American life was evolutionary.

─         The $400 million bank deposits in 1969 in India today have became $500 billions, not by the greater activity and efficiency of the banks, but they evolved from being private commercial banks to nationalised developmental banks.

─         Indian food production since 1965 has multiplied four times not only by the extension of areas of cultivation or by hybrid seeds but mainly by the field of agriculture production.

  • Evolving from subsistence farming to serving the national self-sufficiency of food production.

─     The Euro's value against the dollar rose from $.8 to $1.2 mainly because the population of EU rose by fresh members joining. That the value of currency rises with the rise of the population is an evolutionary principle which has not yet caught sight of the public comprehension.

─         The students in LA are organising for nuclear disarmament. It is a direct symptom of ten million students staying at home for self-education opting out of the structured education. As the mind is freer, it addresses wider global issues.

  • Evolution is expansive.
  • Expansion is evolutionary.

289)     Individual initiative is social disturbance.

The Pioneer takes initiative to lead the Society.

Any phenomenon is accompanied by its opposite.

The Pioneer's initiative is for social development.

An initiative can be taken in the opposite direction.

It can be totally destructive or at least cause disturbance.

Every new product is the result of an initiative by a Pioneer.

These are initiatives of terrorism, smuggling, violating patents, copyright, etc. which are destructive or causes disturbance.

Society is a positive structure conceived by itself or its personality for its growth on the lines it intends.

            Any initiative inside that structure is positive.

            Outside that structure initiatives are destructive of that structure.

Transitional periods as foreign invasion, mass religious conversion forced or voluntary, efflux of refugees, national revolutions, etc. are periods that weaken, loosen, break open that social structure.

Millions of people will take initiatives at such times. It results in looting, arson, rape, rioting.

Penderel Moon, an I.C.S. officer in the native state of Bhawalpur took a positive initiative during one such disturbing period to preserve peace, protect the lives of minorities, and save property. As a result of such an initiative, loss of lives and property was 1/20th of what it was in the state adjoining its border.

Man's capacity for negative initiative far outweighs the same for a positive effort.

─         Initiative is good, great in power whether it is right or wrong.

─         Initiative of an individual gives an opening through him for the expression of social energies.

            In that sense initiative is evolutionary or even divine. He who is capable of initiative is an individual endowed with social potentials.

─         An Indian Congress leader during the war took the initiative to meet Hitler soliciting support for Indian freedom who sent him to Japan in a submarine.

            It was a patriotic initiative of the highest type.

            He was guided by the hope the Axis would grant India Freedom.

            He contested the Presidency of All-India Congress and won a great majority against the candidate backed by Gandhiji.

Initiatives are Initiatives but their motives, knowledge, context, and result vary.

This Congress leader, Subhash Chandra, died in a plane crash. Though impelled by high patriotism, his initiative proved destructive of his own person as it was militating against the goal for which he was working.

283)     Social movements are amoral.

            Social movements are socially moral.

Those movements work for social morals.

It is largely amoral.

They are amoral for two reasons:

  • 1) In its evolution society tends towards Life which is amoral, and
  • 2) The more a society becomes universal, the more it becomes impersonal.

Impersonality and universality make the Society amoral.

Societies, in their growth, follow several stages.

  • Parochial, tribal, physical societies were the earliest ones.
  • As long as societies were agricultural, they were physical and superstitious.
  • Trade, commerce, communication and urban life changed their way of life vastly, but superstition largely remained, though physicality gave way to vitality.
  • Education by its spread equipped people to become mental but that development awaited the birth of the Individual through Protestantism and the scientific attitude.
  • Now superstition is largely out, and society is poised or at least equipped in potential to enter into an age of rationality.
  • In the post war period, the one major development is the enormous number of international organizations, particularly NGOs.It has made possible the formation of a Global Society.
  •  A Global Society has to be preceded by
    1. A world government
    2. Abolition of dangerous weapons and abolition of war.
    3. Globalisation of several activities like business. For instance, there is no concept of creating a global educational system yet.

Global currency is an idea that is toyed with.

As production outside USSR was never planned, the idea of planned global production has not found favour yet.

Passport and visa are still powerful impediments to any idea of global thinking.

English is well on the way to becoming global language.

The dichotomy of Socialism and Capitalism is no longer a severe obstacle as the socialist experiment failed and the capitalistic countries have excelled the socialist nations in empowering the proletariat.

For a global religion or Non- religion - Spirituality - to be born, the most powerful obstacle is the fundamentalists in power in several states.

282)     Social actions are similar to air movement by pressure.

Individuals are regulated by the family in general.

Personally he is controlled by his conscience when he has one.

Government is run by rules, laws, constitution.

Society is beyond the individual, family, organisation and the government.

Beyond the society is Life.

Life is part of existence.

Between society and humankind, the latter is the whole of which society is a part.

In an essential sense society is a living entity, called a collective person.

Society rarely acts, but when it acts it does not honour the laws of any of the things we spoke of - Individual, family, government.

It is not entirely amoral like Life.

Society has its moorings, well developed roots, ideals, emotions and goals.

We know society has no conscience.

Nor does it have rules like the government.

Most of the acts of the society look amoral or non-moral.

When it moves into action, it is decisive, unfailing.

Even if the government is against the society, only the society wins.

More than acting, the society makes itself felt, by not acting.

Today society is more articulate than a hundred years ago.

Society does not respond to an orphaned child.

Either the child perishes or it has to take to the streets.

Air that blows blows by pressure, irrespective of consequences.

Society, in not taking note of the orphan child, is like the blowing air.

A man sits in a street corner selling exceedingly tasty sweet meats.

Pioneers, avatars are liquidated by vehement social protest.

By being silent - NOT acting - society ruins many good causes, many righteous individuals.

Society springs into action if it is threatened.

What is threatened may be its culture, security, mooring or religion.

The greater part of the foundation of the society is implicit falsehood.

Often it gets organised.

Society readily crushes the forces rising against its culture or security.

Its most virulent action is when its foundation of falsehood is at stake.

As long as it is not touched, society is indifferent.

Before sailing into action, society forms its opinion by a total, intense observation which is organised into gossip.

Gossip is the nerve centre of the social life when it is active.

Every layer of the society is actively trying to move up.

The lower layers endeavour not to be pushed out of the society into the streets.

Many such acts society silently endorses or encourages.

There is not much difference between the social laws and natural laws when the social conscience is not touched.

Revolution is its most violent action unorganised.

War is the violence of society organised.

story | by Dr. Radut