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Society as more than sum of parts


September  7, 1999

All the parts of a machine dismantled and assembled in a basket are not the machine. All parts put together in a basket, are not an assembled machine. The collection of parts, each of them, has the FORM of the part. Only when the machine is assembled does the FORM of the machine emerge. Still the force is needed to run the machine. That force can act only through the form of the machine, not through the form of the parts.

   The machine and its form are more than the sum of its parts. The Infinite is greater than the sum of its finite parts.

1. Our fundamental assumption is life, matter, mind etc. are creative and infinite.

  • The experts represent the finite, life is infinite. Therefore, results are always MORE than one can predict from past experiences.
  • There is no ACT however small, which does not have this creative and infinite character. It is evident to us only in significant ACTS.
  • Indira nationalised banks when all the banks (1969) had 4000 crores of deposits. Today it is more than 400 thousand crores. The uncollected arrears today are 45,000 crores, ten times the 1969 deposits.
  • Calling off Cold War has that character.
  • Conceding the Society is greater than the sum of individuals, we concede the Society its personality. Is it not so in a family? In an organisation?

2. When a man saves himself form danger, he is unable to explain how he did it. All the conscious acts he did put together have not done so. When his conscious acts end, the subconscious begins and releases enormous energies. That saves him. Man's subconscious personality is greater than the sum total of al his conscious acts. If so, can we not say that of the society?

3. Any successful man can recollect several instances of this type.

4. All historical events are of this character.

5. If one observes any ACT that is NOT the dull routine act, he can see the act yields more than intended.

6. Bajaj, First Leasing, Berlin Wall, Space programme, the visit of Columbus to America, operating systems for computer, any of the million inventions so far, language, etc. are of this character, -- infinite and creative.

story | by Dr. Radut