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Introduction to Society

Society is the civilised organised section of humanity. Its members consciously relating to it create Social consciousness which pervades all earth as air pervades the atmosphere. It is a self-conscious entity and is self-existent. It is capable of self-creation through self-conception self-limitation as well as self-absorption. It progresses through the instrumentality of the individual by raising its existence from subconscious to consciousness in the individual. Society that becomes conscious in the individual at first gradually becomes fully conscious as the pioneering individual. Today we can say several nations are thus civically conscious. Of some countries we may even say they are scientifically conscious. The Indian society can well be called as one conscious of the Spirit.

Society progresses through change, by changing its mode of production. (It also changes physically, psychologically, spiritually, but only economic change lends itself to be explained here.) Such changes alter the social structure. Often these changes were one of evolution while they were revolutionary in other instances. We know of the changes from agriculture to manufacture to services as one major path society chose.

  • The law of change is to become conscious and then pass on to organisation.

Society becomes conscious of natural potentials, human resourcefulness, the organisations it can create and puts all these to its own purposes of advancement. Once the society outgrows the structures it has created, it discards them or destroys them. In this march it has moved from physicality to vitality to mentality. At each level - physical, vital, mental - it expedites its growth to the outside limits possible by entering the subtle plane through thought, feeling and sensation. Its results are accomplished by society entering the causal plane through values aiming at perfection. Humanity is moving to the creation of a global society having started its work at the village level. In the 19th century the nation state was born which is being outgrown now.

Its natural resources were found on earth. The human resources are now discovered in the Mind which creates new organisations for the purposes of a new higher life. All these are along the lines of destroying the ego at the physical, vital, mental levels. War that killed about 60 million people helped humanity to overcome its physicality. EU that has embraced 25 nations and before that USA that united 52 states of all nationalities of earth have succeeded in outgrowing the vital ego. The present attempt is to outgrow the mental ego and its possessiveness are being achieved by the fact that information given out is not lost for the giver and by the practice of the Internet that Grows by giving. The Internet has discovered that by giving its services free, it earns more.

  • To Society NO individual ever counts.

What matters to it is Itself and only Itself.

The laws of social development are governed by consciousness, organisation, subtlety and Self-determination.

Society subserves the cosmos in its evolution - Cosmic evolution.

story | by Dr. Radut