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302. The Solution Lies in the Problem

Resourceful employers who suspect a manager of pilfering will appoint him in charge of theft prevention. This is an age-old wisdom. Behind this lies a truth of the great Indian philosophy of ever-present dualities. The moment light is created, darkness arises. So also for high and low; ignorance and knowledge; pain and pleasure, etc. As the opposites are simultaneously created, the solution of the one lies in the other. Suppose one has failed in a venture, how can he use this philosophical knowledge to solve his problem? The solution is in-built into the problem. A man received a big gift of prosperity for a public cause. There was not enough money to meet the registration expenses. He resorted to an analysis of the above kind and went into the origin of the gift. Life revealed to him that such transfers were exempted from stamp duty

When you go to law to seek justice in a tangled case, the lawyer compels you to speak the history of the case. While narrating it, the lawyer gets the right clue. Sometimes the client too lights on it. Problem solving is helpful. Knowing the philosophy enables one to acquire a greater knowledge. The presence of that higher knowledge prevents the emergence of such a problem. We call such knowledge wisdom. The Wisdom of Indian culture has reached its human acme even in its heydays – a couple of thousand years ago. The West has work values in a striking measure. There are hundreds of such values we can learn from them. In the field of higher values of human life, the West has nothing to offer to the Asian nations. Such a knowledge has come down to us through the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, Panchatantra and every other ancient literature

When recollecting our past experience, we may see this truth in a few cases. Whether we see it or not, in whatever way a solution is arrived at, the basic philosophical truth is the solution is already in the problem. Several of our proverbs reveal this truth to us. One such proverb is, 'The groom for my daughter is there somewhere. He is not to be born hereafter. We have to find him.' The truth is not fully revealed here but it is there, just as we do not see the Brahman in objects, though he is always there. We do not see the truth in all the proverbs. Such a statement is attributed to many a great man across the globe. It is much more true for us who are steeped in the culture of the Spirit.

story | by Dr. Radut