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103. The Spirit in Planning

Spiritual elevation leads to spontaneous action ending in a great performance in any walk of life. Therefore, there is an implicit distrust of meticulous, detailed planning. Those who can act with inspiration frown on planners as plodders of the physical plane. If Spirit is everywhere, is it not true that it is in the planning process too? The truths here are several.

  • Planning is the very best tool the world has discovered.
  • Inspiration excels planning in rising to a climax.
  • Life is to be lived every day of the year, while inspiration rarely arises.
  • Excellent Planning gives Extraordinary Results when the mind moves away from the planned details to its own inner Spirit which is Inspiration.

Coming down to daily life in the office or the army or a company, the list of above truths still does not offer a practical guide. Planning is organisation. Life progresses through consciousness and consciousness progresses through organisation. There is a further greater fact that when the organisation matures, it gives rise to Inspiration.

In practice, plan thoroughly, through each and every detail be ready with a consummate plan. Do not rely on it. Implement the plan trusting to the Spirit of the Plan which is inspiration. Planning thoroughly prevents one from being a chaotic physical individual or an energetic, brainless, vital person. It lifts one to the mind and gives him the status of the mental person. This is essential. Do not stop there. Seek the Spirit in the Mind by NOT relying on the planned process but on the Inspiration it is capable of generating by the very strength of careful planning.

  • Planning is Great.
  • Inspiration is the spiritual essence of planning.

story | by Dr. Radut