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Spirit of Whole

November 1, 1999

  • For a client, it is beneficial to see that the ‘infinite' power we speak of in some form will be a great help in inspiring him.
  • The Infinite Power of the Whole reveals itself in dozens of ways.
  • When the devotee first comes to Mother, Her Atmosphere reveals thus.

- The great power usually expresses itself through the unorganised personality of the client, as the organised parts become rigid.

- Our aim is to inspire the client by the Spirit of the Whole so that it may show itself at least in one of the parts.

- The inspiration is given by knowledge - a summary of Vital Difference - and the part is effectively and efficiently prepared to express it.

- Balancing of five components, tapping the hidden potentials, internal organsiation trimmed attracting the market and money, do inspire clients.

- Take any work now done in say 28 hours and ORGANISE it perfectly. He will see that it will be done in 2-8 hours. Pick out the most labour-consuming work and show that it now takes four men to complete it in three and a half days. When effectively organised, especially by coordination, it will be done by 1-2 men in ½ a day, a saving of about 20 times while TIME saved is 10 times. Inventor does permit demonstration of two or three times better performance. Saving of time, effort, energy, money, material even if we show it is possible, say 3,4,5,6, 5 times, it is easily imagined that the company as a whole can expand 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 5 times. An expansion of ten times or five times is ‘infinite expansion' for a company.

  • Instead of trying it in the whole company, let us choose one salesman. Examine his attitudes, methods, systems, cooperation with others, coordination with purchase, office, management and every other aspect that directly relates to his sales. Organise each of them as ‘Vital Difference' and ‘Vital Corporation' require. Take minute care in making each detail PRECISE and see it rise to the occasion of a wider effort. Perfection is necessary as it is a persuasion and education, especially by SILENT WILL. Once you are ready, communicate the spirit of it to the salesman. Insist on his part; do not dwell on the possible sale result. Forget the result, concentrate on the process. Let the concentration absorb ALL the energies so that none will be left to expect.
  • Launch him on the sales. In 30 days or ten days, there will be inspiring results.

story | by Dr. Radut