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127. Spiritual as well as Psychic Determinism

In our country, the Spiritual Man is lost to the society as well as life. He never runs a family or even an organisation. In such rare cases such as Swami Vivekananda founding an organisation or Mahesh Yogi, we see the extraordinary efficiency they enjoy. Their Spirit emerges in action and determines the course of their actions. Obviously, the results here are far greater than the one who uses his Mind or Vital.

In the wider population, such an occurrence is not witnessed. Here we may call Spiritual people who are pious, orthodox, religious who conduct their pujas, recite the slokas and observe the religious functions meticulously. This is not directly spirituality but is religious observance which brings out not the spirit in action but does have a certain spiritual influence. An admixture of Truth and Falsehood is found in such people, while the tapasvin cannot utter one lie without losing all his spiritual powers. In spite of an element of untruth which the pious householder is sometimes capable of, his own efficiency is markedly greater than his compeer.

As a rule, orthodox people are far more efficient and consequently more successful in life and work. Those pious people who are utterly truthful from their own personal choice receive the rewards of their truthfulness which is far greater than the ordinary run of orthodox people.

Mind, Vital, and Body have their own Spirit, which is the evolving Spirit, known as the psychic being. This is a more powerful Spirit to which alone I am referring to in my articles. This will not emerge or respond to invocations in persons of untruth. It is a Being of Truth. It knows no failure. Its calm is sweet. Its efficiency is consummate. It overcomes all other determinisms and prevails against all known forces.

story | by Dr. Radut