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Subconscious Collective

1) It took a long time for us that the entire environment is one. Till pollution bothered us, it was not apparent.

2) Again it is pollution that made national sovereignty meaningless as pollution in one country extends to another. Each affects the other. MacNamara said famine in Bangladesh means bread is costlier in New York. That is our interdependence.

3) Body's parts are interrelated. Men are related by atmosphere that carries disease and pollution, ideas that communicate orally or otherwise. As the atoms that make us all are the same, there is unity at that level. In Sheldrake's morphogenetic field, we see the unity of mind, at least relations. Consciously we appear to be separate. It is true subconsciously we are united, related, and influence each other even without communication.

4) If the subconscious unity cannot be seen in the society, can we not see it in the family? Office, party, caste, church? It is only an extension to the society.

5) The earlier we go in our civilisation, in anthropology, don't we see greater unity of all humanity? Biology and physics tell us that all of us along with minerals and plants are made up of the same atoms.

6) The Individual is a product of the subconscious collectivity. He is a product of his own in spite of the subconscious collectivity because he is the soul and the collectivity is mind and matter. It is also true that it is by the evolution of the mind and matter of the subconscious collectivity that the Individual emerges.

  • We have to emphasize that the individual is a product of the collective and at the same time he develops, often, in spite of it. This unity and contradiction are the basic character of Man and his Society.

7) Children are of parents' blood and flesh. A whole community having descended from the same parent is conceivable. It is logically imaginable that ALL members of a country or a county or a community can be traced to ONE single father and mother. Today we feel we are individuals. It is true on the surface. At bottom, there is no wonder that it is all one. Science and spirituality say that this oneness can be pushed further to all animate and inanimate objects.

8) Even if we restrict communication to the oral and written word and the ocular observation, we do posit a collective knowledge of the society which determines the individual. Whether we say that collective knowledge and the consequent power of it over the individual is generated by overt communication or covert subconscious unity, the power and relationship of the collective over the individual is undeniable. One can have it either way.

9) As we base ourselves on the theory of creation, we arrived at this subconscious collective from the ONE. If we have that basis, to develop the social theory into several dimensions will be possible. Or it will be stuck at this point. E.g. we assume the teacher teaches the pupil. This way the pupil's highest knowledge is limited to social knowledge and prevents any possibility of originality in him. When we go by the Greek wisdom (‘educate' = to draw out) which says that knowledge is in the mind which peeps out of curiosity and the teacher must help it flower, the pupil's learning is faster.

story | by Dr. Radut