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National Program on Suppressing Corruption in Croatia

Stifling corruption in a backward society stifles development.

It should be evaluated in terms of social evolution.

Political decisions are pushed back by corruption to an earlier period when society was unorganised - an unorganised riot. Institutions  lose their validity and are used as an instrument or shield for corruption.

Risk of corruption is muscle power in every walk of life.

Corruption can be sucessfully fought in the measure organisational measures to assert the will of the righteous can be put in.

The maximum effort is limited by the available political will. Is there a scale to measure political will?

If the victims are surveyed, measures that are important will emerge at once. National constitution and laws will have scope that must be utilised. Should you evaluate the progress on an evolutionary scale, at once measures will emerge. Retired officials will offer good suggestive ideas. In any nation, one sector may be most corrupt while another least corrupt. Try to transplant measures from the latter to the former. On the evolutionary scale, the nation will reveal the maximum tolerance for a corruption-free society. Beyond this lies the idealistic work of international organisations to educate the public. A thorough programme can be drawn up if the national government is interested.

It is possible in several areas to remove «Incentives» to corruption.

Bribing the voter directly by cash indirectly by spending campaigns is a source. One can be removed and the other can be curtailed.

There are very effective measures if the refuge for Black Money is removed.

Croatia can move from 70 to 50 in one year when all possible measures are implemented.

Right of access to information  is a great weapon to fight corruption

Computer by itself can largely eradicate corruption in several areas.

story | by Dr. Radut