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113. Sweetness is the Knowledge of Love

The ultimate rightness or otherwise of any work is indicated by the sensation of Sweetness it generates. In doing a work, if it gives you Sweetness inside, you can be sure you are on the right course and the work is RIGHT by any evaluation.

Beauty, Love and Joy are three expressions of Ananda that is spiritual. Mind sees Ananda as Beauty. The nerves feel the touch of Ananda as Joy. Ananda is received by the soul as Love. After the creation came into existence, the Divine saw the gap between the human world of lower triplicity -- mind, vital and body - and the Divine and threw Love into the gap to bridge it. Hence, the Supreme importance of Love for the man who aspires for the Divine.

Sat, Chit, Ananda coming down split into Unity, Truth, Knowledge, Power, Beauty, Love and Joy. Lila is described as the interplay of these eight powers. The impact of Truth on knowledge or their interaction produces GOODNESS. Goodness in life, goodwill, acts as the carrier of luck. As life values luck, some great souls advise their lay followers to harbour pure goodwill if they value luck.

A similar play of Love with knowledge yields the sensation of Sweetness. Knowledge here is the knowledge of God; Love is the vibration that links the human to the Divine. Work done through consecration is our own work done as if it is the Divine work. When that work produces the vibration of Sweetness, we are sure of the Presence of the Divine. If that is the explanation, the question of right or wrong does not arises. Human relationship aimed at producing sweetness in others goes a step beyond the sweetness felt by us, as it is also selfless.

story | by Dr. Radut