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101. That Which Has an End is Not Patience

Patience is a divine virtue. Not all gods are known to have it. People who invoke the Spirit have a quick response when there is a response. Problems of a simple nature, a delayed wedding, a disease, unemployment, a loan not recovered, etc. are immediately answered. A good many people forget the Spirit as soon as the problem is solved. 

There are others who play ducks and drakes with their lives, create a great number of knots and make them complex and more complicated. Life gives them the only alternative of sure destruction. Sometimes they too come to the Spirit. Surely a longstanding complex problem has no instantaneous solution. Of course there is one, but I cannot recommend that to the general public. In 1850, there was a Salt Inspector in Ganjan district of Andhra. During a severe drought people appealed to him. He shut himself up for seven full days in his pooja room repeating Lord Krishna's name. As soon as he emerged out of the room, it rained and good rains continued for many years. This is not open to all.

The desired result will come, surely come, not in trickles but in floods, but it will come in Time, not in answer to our impatience. If anything, impatience can postpone the results. The first several good symptoms are the best assurance of the final result. The knots of the past have to undo themselves by the negative impact of the life events, unless one consciously digs them up and holds them up to the descending Light.

Patience always wins, but slowly. To one who invokes the Spirit having such a complicated problem on hand, a hundred small items will respond positively, ensuring the presence of the positive attitude. Observe that atmosphere, take heart and wait. Or, present your inner personality to Light. In either case, one will find Patience a great virtue.

story | by Dr. Radut