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167. The Soul's Longing for Spiritual Peace

Love of adventure is often seen in various walks of life. The large majority of the population longs for a peaceful life. "I have worked long enough. I wish to have a place where I can rest my head" is what man after thirty or forty years of labour is heard saying. Parents who have worked hard, long for children to take over so that they may retire. That is human, sweetly human. Great souls are in love with adventure. Even at the last moment, they seek adventure of one type or another.

The Spiritual secret of Life is one gets what one deeply longs for.

It does not matter whether it is spiritual or human, but what matters is the deeply felt longing. An elderly lady in good health, surrounded by affectionate members of family got introduced to Spirit. She found she could invoke the Spirit - the Divine Mother - inside every time she tried. It was a delightful experience to call the Spirit and receive an unfailing response. Never in her life had she had a prolonged period of prayers answered without fail. It was not so much the petty results of prayers as the emerging Spirit's embrace of the surface mind. It gave her transports of JOY.

She planned for one more visit to her beloved centre. For some inexplicable reason she voiced an unusual prayer, this time that she should go PEACEFULLY. Her health was good. Everyone loved her. There was no felt or unfelt complaint in her life. But it was her soul's choice. Not many who are in agonies of various types who constantly declare their wish to die really wish to leave. They would rather prolong their life of agony as long as possible. But this elderly lady took a great delight in voicing that prayer and felt a relief in speaking it out to the utter disbelief of those who accompanied her. Strange are the ways of one's own inner soul even as the ways of the Almighty are inscrutable. She returned home and was at total ease. The next evening, she passed away peacefully while watching the TV.

story | by Dr. Radut