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199. Truisms of Spirit in Life

  • Should we long for luck to come to others, money will move to us.
  • To earn is difficult; to preserve it is more difficult.
  • He who has earned money, should also earn common sense.
  • To know the Spirit is to be inwardly full. Should we accept it as a way of life, the outer life will be abundant.
  • Problems arise when we are unable to handle ourselves dexterously.
  • For one who will not repeat his earlier errors, money will never be scarce.
  • He who treats falsehood as truth can never invoke the Spirit. If he ever does it, it will lead to no result.
  • Scarcity in funds reveals lack of good temperament.
  • Resorting to shortcuts removes one from Spirit.
  • Cleverness of any type will eliminate the Spirit.
  • One can cheat anyone, not himself.
  • Self-deception leads to incompetence.
  • One who betrays someone cannot be true to another.
  • Purity of mind in a wife ensures the longevity of the husband.
  • Vain pride will eliminate the results and will elude the seeker.
  • Shortcut to ruin is jealousy.
  • If one hopes to reach the Spirit through falsehood, he is one who tries to touch the sky by outstretched hands.
  • No problem will remain unsolved when the heart that created it by offending others changes.
  • Seek life for expressing the Spirit, do not seek Spirit to enrich your life.
  • Man seeking cruelty will be met by life with darker cruelty.
  • Ridiculing the fallen man will lead you to die starving.
  • He who challenges to ruin another will surely meet with utter ruin.
  • Should you wish for abundant prosperity, do not cringe before the wealthy.
  • The other name of Luck is humility.
  • When every wish is fulfilled and when unexpected good luck also overtakes one, it does not mean all this will generate FAITH in him.
  • Jealousy makes life mean and perverse. To be jealous of a spiritual individual is certain ruin.

story | by Dr. Radut