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235. Tyranny and Fairness

The Future is for fairness, not for tyranny. Man was physical at the dawn of civilisation. The physically strong man became the ruler. He was not elected or selected. He foisted himself on those who were weak. People worshipped his strength. The original meaning of the word tyrant was leader. That was so in Greece, where democracy was born. Today man is not so physical or even vital. Mind has emerged in action, if not in mastery. Cruelty is frowned upon. In the days when strength ruled, cruelty was discipline. Hence the proverb, 'Spare the rod and spoil the child'.

The logic of human existence led the oppressed to worship the oppressor. Five hundred years ago when a husband, on wrong information about the chastity of his wife, desired to kill his wife, the lady in good faith said, "If my Lord will be happy to murder me, I shall die happily." The dharma of those times was Tyranny was Fairness. The wisdom of the ages requires conceding this truth in human relations. The present has bid good-bye to tyranny and surely the Future is NOT for tyranny in any form.

Man seeks the woman for psychological security, whereas the woman does so for physical security. As a rule, tall men find greater favour with all women. What is fulfilling for the feminine heart is that it will be powerfully dominated by the masculine strength. Mother says women can take to yoga when they no longer long for a child or a house and the domination of the male. The real emancipation of the weak is not so much from the tyranny of the strong, but from their love of the strength in the master.

The future is not for Ignorance or Superstition. Nor is it for the insincerity of the art of diplomacy. It is for the Truth of Sincerity. In one of Her messages the Divine Mother says, "Men, countries and continents, Truth or the abyss". The Future is not for rituals and ceremonies. It is not for religion or religious worship. The Future is for the Spirit.


story | by Dr. Radut