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128. The Unfailing Success of the Psychic Determinism

The Psychic Being has four versions. It is seated in all parts of our being as a part and is also centrally located. The central location lies behind the heart centre, not the heart centre itself. In the Mind, it makes one a genius. The very best example of a vital psychic being is that of Nehru, whom Sri Aurobindo called one of the pure Aryan type. When a certain member in the Parliament accused Nehru of jealousy, a member of the opposition commented, "You cannot teach Nehru jealousy". The mental psychic can give the right guidance. Being of the mind, it is incapable of power. It cannot effectuate. When the human will endorses that light, it becomes invincible.

The vital psychic is more powerful in action for two reasons. 1. Being vital, it is of power, 2. As it is incapable of falsehood, it avoids the necessity of choice. It is true and therefore it is powerful. Life becomes lucky, when the vital psychic is in action. Its perception is unerring. It knows no falsehood. Its efficiency is greater. It does not have the possibility of admixture of untruth which the pious man faces. Its characteristic is GOOD WILL.

One can say pure good will brings luck. GOOD WILL for another, not out of vanity, but out of strength and the higher sympathy of compassion inevitably brings luck. If one wishes for luck or wishes to create luck for himself which his horoscope denies him, let him decide to receive it after another - a brother, spouse, child, parent or friend, etc. - receives it first, and he will surely create luck for himself.

GOODNESS is the result of TRUTH acquiring knowledge. It is Truth-Knowledge where both the ingredients are powerful by themselves. In their combination, their strength rises. Life or even Nature is no match for this formidable combination of two higher forces.

story | by Dr. Radut