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Value Implementation 2


September 09, 2001

  • We speak of twelve values while we have listed in ‘The Vital Difference' 27 values and ten grades in each. No company which executes these 120 levels of implementation can expand less than ten times.
  • For an overall effort one looks at the motive, attitude, policy, goals, aims and objectives. As it is a partial effort, it will be painstaking.
  • If you analyse one SALE, it is painstaking from several points of view. Our effort calls for such painstaking effort at ALL points of company activity.
  • This will accomplish both the token efforts of one and ten million on one day.
  • The approach is:-

1. List out the aspects of making this volume, exhaustively.

2. Subdivide each into 5 or 10 parts, or as much as it will permit.

3. Put each item on a scale.

4. Score your accomplishment in Volume 7. You may find yourself anywhere between 55 to 65.

5. Examine Volume 10 from these points of view so that it may reach 100 %.

6. Exercise yourself to the utmost.

7. In a list of twenty aspects of 8 subparts (total 160) each has an inner part, maybe they come under 15 or 20 heads of patience, interest, steady application, care, execution, ideal, strength, etc.

8. Sub-divide each of these like interest into nine parts or at least three parts - physical, vital and mental. I prefer 16 parts including the spiritual. That is not necessary to reach 1 million but will be called for for $10 Million.

9. Examine the outer result from the inner attitude.

10. When a value like orderliness seen to issue out of physical interest of the skill of No.7 is accepted eagerly, it will be seen to blossom into good will and kindness and when forced will lead to frustration, unkindness and violence.

11. All inner attitudes must be positive.

12. Achieve the first goal. Observe every detail and shade of detail and keep FULL notes of it for further progress.

  • The book produced like this will meet with other items to be done by others - xeroxing, binding, etc.
  • Look at your own inner attitude for each of the items, not generally but on a measured scale. You upgrade yourself inwardly and the binder will do his job all right.
  • The various aspects of the production of this BOOK -- typing, formatting, binding, paper.
  • Typing subdivides itself into,

-- Typing errors to be eliminated.

-- Consistency of spelling (British or US)

-- Margins.

o Margin alignment of the serial numbers.

o Error in the numbers, the missing bracket.

o Margin of the text.

o Ends of sentences.

                        Split words -- hyphen

                        Extra space

-- Space between the lines, its uniformity.

-- Font,

o Three different fonts for styles j, k and l.

o The font of the serial number when the font differs can either be the same as others or of the font of the differing text. But that it should be uniform in either case.

- Formatting on the Computer.

o Uniform brightness in the ink in all pages is an impossibility for one who does not think of it, but must be a necessity here for perfection.

- Paper,

o The quality of paper must reflect the other perfections.

- Binding,

o There are as many aspects of binding as in typing.

o Go into the inner aspects that correspond and check them.

- Attitude,

Surely not one of sulking or working under pressure but one of expansive joyous cheerfulness that is infectious and ever-increasing.

  • This can be summed in common phrases.

Do the work to perfection - to a 'T'.

Love perfection for perfection's sake.

Disregard outer results, emphasize inner attitude.

Seek inner Self-Growth.

Discover not perfection, but Mother in the work.

The buoyancy at the end of the day, the resultant joy, the atmosphere created are the right indices.


N.B.  If this basis of perfection is laid, analogies of Matter and Time will add to the work universal dimensions in the commercial field.

story | by Dr. Radut