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147. Wedding is a Gift of the Benevolent Spirit

When a domestic servant married a Tamil Canadian citizen, it raised many brows. It was generally understood as a gift of the place where she was working, as there the Spirit is their inspiration.

Wedding is a major event in one's life. Often it becomes a major problem. Spirit responds readily to calls from unmarried people, as it issues from one's depth. A girl remained unmarried, refusing every groom that was not in USA. She visited this institution with her parents and found an acceptable groom, though he was not in USA. Both the parents and the girl consented and the alliance was finalised. When she returned home, a groom from California was waiting for their return and the wedding took place in two weeks.

Another girl who joined this institution got married to a Tamil national, now a citizen of France, before one year of service was over. These events were rationalised as a reality in the mind of another unmarried girl working in the same institution for six years. Internet brought her candidates of Tamil origin from Canada, Malaysia and Norway. Even a Pakistani approached but nothing materialised.

Finally, a candidate came from the same town through the Internet. He had been employed recently in the government in view of his public service. Soon she found out that there was no one among her contacts who did not know this candidate. Newspapers often carried reports about him, and even his photograph. She found him soft spoken and everyone who knew him spoke well of him. During his meeting with her, he offered to secure her a government job too. She found his family very affectionate and known to be so in their town. It is a united family of a few brothers all married. On seeing these developments, she resolved to be absorbed into their family and not exercise the prerogative of modern girls to set up an independent establishment. Finally, she too received the coveted gift of matrimony.

story | by Dr. Radut