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What God Has Withheld


                                                                                                            March 3, 1993

   What any man, high or low, wise or not, rich or poor, yearns for is Peace of mind. Shanti of the being, Peace of the spirit is what is endearing to anyone. It is a balm to man's tormented life, especially the harassed urban citizen. Perhaps by withholding this peace from man, God has made him turn towards Him. At the time of creation, it is said, God, who had endowed man with all the known wealth like health, knowledge, wealth etc., refrained from giving him Peace of Mind under the plea that if that also was given to him, man would forget his Creator.

   Those who have visited the Samadhi of any realised soul (Siddha purusha) have never failed to see that spiritual peace enters them from the atmosphere and elevates their inner life. During the days when one such Indian sage was giving darsan to devotees, an American, not knowing the system here, wrote for an interview with the Master. On receiving a reply and a date for interview, the American came here but found it was a Darsan day and he had to see the Master for a minute, going in a queue of 2000 people. He grumbled to someone nearby that it was a pity he could get only a minute, having traveled 12,000 miles for the interview. He joined the queue and in turn came before the Splendour that HE was. Thoughts ceased and sensations too fell quiet and the visitor found himself motionless and still, while he perceived a cascade of spiritual peace coursed through his nerves and was spreading all over the being. He even lost the physical balance in moving. When he came downstairs he again saw the sadhak to whom he had earlier voiced a grievance. The sadhak asked, "How was the Darsan? Was it too short?" The American could not bring words to his lips but managed to utter, "It is too much Peace." The Master's Presence emanates spiritual peace and fills the beings of those who seek Him.

   Peace is one of the attributes of Spirit. The others are Silence, Light, Love, Delight, Power, Truth, Beauty, Infinity, Immortality, Joy, and Bliss. Rishis, Yogis, and Gnanis are known to give the devotees what they would normally secure at the end of a long labour of tapas. The tapasvin who attains to spiritual peace at the end of a long period is lucky, but the Master gives it at the first Touch.

   In domestic life, the Touch of a Master or the Divine Mother is known to flood the beings of visitors with Peace of Mind which God is said to have withheld from man. No one who has sought them fails to be rewarded with Peace of Mind. The common refrain of the first visitors to any such place is, "My being is filled with sweet Peace."

story | by Dr. Radut