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400. Who is the Creator?

God is the creator, is the straight answer. Who created the government? The answer does not issue as readily. Informed people will offer an informed reply that we, the people, have created the government. A good number of people will be tempted to say, "What question is this? Government means, it is there. Where is the question of someone creating it?" Some people may speak it out. Man is divinely creative as he is himself the Divine inside. He also has the habit of becoming a slave of what he has created. The best example is Money. Money is what man has created, which many have forgotten. If MAN is a slave of anything today, he is an excellent slave of Money. All these behaviours issue out of Man's spiritual philosophy.

Mind is our highest instrument. We know God is greater than Mind but we have conveniently forgotten it. We are very much identified with OUR highest instrument, Mind and some have come to the conclusion that Mind has created the world. There is an ocean of philosophical conviction that Mind has created the world. There are others who see how compelling TIME is. They believe Time has created the world. These convictions have led to the creation of unreal philosophies. What then is the real philosophy? Who created the world? We often meet with failures. Sometimes we are rewarded with success. We do see that when we do things without a thought, our success is overwhelming. It means when the MIND is out of the way, is fully forgotten, the work is a grand success. If Mind were the creator, this would not be so. There are times where we are lost in work and the work emerges wonderfully. We think we are at it for an hour but it has really been several hours. When we disregard Time, WORK is a wonder.


This is a simplistic way of saying that neither MIND nor TIME has created the world. Suppose we want to get elected to a post managing a small margin, if we CONCENTRATE on the work, disinheriting Mind and disregarding Time, we see that by a strange set of circumstances we are unanimously elected to the same post. What I have been describing as invocation of the spirit is in one sense transcending Mind and Time. Both are subject to Ego. To be utterly unegoistic is to invoke the SPIRIT. Someone who was denied a seat for the Lok Sabha felt wiped out. He became humble, because he was humiliated. Then he became a Central Minister. The world is not created by Mind or Time but by Supermind is the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.


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K. Venkatesh

story | by Dr. Radut