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Yes, Prime Minister


April. 4, 2002

  • Mrs. Thatcher said this book gave her hours of pure joy.
  • That is the best compliment, but there is a better one.
  • Sri Aurobindo said that humour is the savour of life.
  • Humour is the fourth spiritual development in life after equality, peace, and spiritual ease.
  • If Life can replace revolution by evolution, trial and error by understanding and understanding by surrender of understanding, abridge 30,000 years into a single lifetime, it does need the social instrument of an organised energy that is a literary institution. It is Humour.
  • Image the powerful social revolutions so far.

- Settlements of nomadic tribes.

- Tribe and group evolving into family.

- Physicality replaced by mentality by the advent of democracy.

- The breaking of the cultural establishment by the hippies.

- Abolition of war.

- Removal of the human god of a priest by Martin Luther.

- The revolution of the Proletariat.

  • One can chronologically complete the list. He can also see literature reflecting the social changes. We know of great minds fathering powerful social revolutions.
  • Cataclysmic changes at the physical level can be represented to the mind as literature of humour so that mind can smoothly achieve it.
  • The Establishment is well established. It is powerful, cultured, creative but also powerfully equipped to block all progress. The corrupt inept politician of no administrative experience is also the one who represents the revolutionary change in society. ‘Yes, Prime Minister' presents the struggle, the initial success of the civil service and the gradual evolving of an empty head into an effective source of Power.
  • The resources of the experience of the civil service are enormous. The material, physical resources of the society are phenomenal. To know them well or fully is political science of the administrator. To play those cards for the compulsory social changes that are pressing is an art. We witness both in these books and films.
  • Life with a capital L is organised by Nature. Society is its true representative in miniature. The Force of Sri Aurobindo is sweeping across the globe or the universe. It acts as the benevolent rain, not the organised irrigation system. The Sadhak who, because of his utter lack of experience in the ways of life or Nature, is stalled in every move of his. The rules of Nature and Life are powerful but the forces of Nature and Life are subordinate to that of His Force.
  • Only sincerity keeps the sadhak on this Force.
  • Staying on this Force, learning to master the rules of life and dodging those of Nature is an evolutionary Art played with the knowledge of science of Life.
  • As Shakespeare epitomised universal life in poetry, ‘Yes Prime Minister' presents to the future an available form of literature that can replace revolution by evolution in the subtle, causal plane.
  • ‘Yes, Prime Minister' is a book which a sadhak wants to utilise for organising his higher consciousness, he will find a sophisticated literary tool.
  • The gradual evolution of political strength which is the real master of service in Hacker who was frequently trapped by their snares and outwitted by circumstances is the same way the unconscious sadhak emerges out of the clutches of life.
  • Sri Aurobindo's works enable one to consciously emerge out of life's darkness. The change is to switch over from a rickshaw customer to owning a car.

story | by Dr. Radut