Series V

1) More than trying to wean ourselves from life, it is worth turning our thoughts to Grace.

To be able to see Her in each act is to move away from karma.p

2) Nostalgia, patriotism, friendship. loyalty, honesty, reliability, etc., are necessary to life, but a bar to yoga. p

3) What are you loyal to? To be loyal to life means loyalty to falsehood. p

4) One conscious act is worth more than hours of meditation that lead to spiritual inertia.

Meditation is to yoga what sleep is to life. The only permissible meditation is that which gathers concentration to act in higher consciousness. &

5) To rise to higher consciousness, one has to be disloyal to life and its values. p

6) Creation is infinity changing into the finite. Evolution is finite turning into infinite. All creations of nature and forms of society are formations of the finite. The finite has its own phases of growth. With that phase over, the finite is at a dead end. Such dead ends are the faces of human problems. The Force is incapable of retrieving itself or reversing its course. Hence the crisis. Each crisis is really a negative announcement of an evolutionary opportunity. To know the evolutionary nature of the crisis, reverse the course, and return to infinity is to be alive. The man who does so goes back into another finite form which is still growth for him. But to remain in infinity is Mother's option. Therefore, the call is to rise from the point, while you are at a dead end,

         Know it is an evolutionary opportunity.

         Reverse your course.

         Emerge out of the finite into the Infinite.

         Stay forever in Infinity.

Seeking Mother leads you to it and keeps you there forever. p

7) Man acts involuntarily, observes consciously and analyses. Thinking follows and reason coordinates thinking. Beyond is the witness. At the end is the psychic that evolves.

Actor, observer, thinker, coordinating ego, witness Purusha and the evolving psychic is the order. p

8) Man does not know the process, but only knows the product. He can use the product. When explained, he can listen or understand the process. Understanding the process does not give him the capacity to extract the process himself in another situation. Can we give him the knowledge or capacity of extracting the process from the event? In the physical plane it takes time. In the subtle plane, it can be done at once if there is an opening. In a situation where the masses do not give an opening, the question is whether the pioneer can give it to the masses. It is possible in two ways:

1)     As long as there is a preparedness in the atmosphere, one can resort to a method, or

2)     The pioneer can go to the causal plane and try to give the opening in the subtle plane to others.

9) What communicates is inspiration, not idea. Emotion inspires, idea instructs. In sum,

When a leader wants to move the world to action, he should realise his idea in emotions in the subtle plane. For a devotee, he must consecrate in the subtle plane, i.e. catch the very first impulse for consecration.

10)  Fashion begins to spread fast when the individual catches sight of what the entire society appreciates. To be in fashion is for the social individual to raise himself to the acceptability of the social collectivity.

11)  Great literature brings the universal character to the perception of the universal in the individual. Supermind in Man will be in evidence when the Transcendent vibration is so brought to the Parabrahman in the individual. p

12)  Impersonal knowledge gained by one as a personal possession becomes available to every other person, thus bringing it from the mental to the vital plane.

13)  When an idea is accepted by the emotions and is expressed in an act, it becomes power.

14)  Grace is God acting through faith. Supergrace is God acting through surrender. p

15)  To see the MARVEL in his mission to trample down those who refuse to rise may be the very last step in human transformation.

16)  How can God prophesy, as He is playing the game? One can prophesy issues that are governed by a law which is a limited scope.

17)  The professions require industry, not necessarily intelligence. Surely originality is not a requirement here. Any industrious man with a sense of responsibility will be successful in the professions if he is of above average intelligence. Even average intelligence can make it.

18)  There is absolutely no difference between one man and another man when it comes to basic traits. What changes is the field of action. For instance, we can say any man exhausts an advantage to the fullest maximum, undeterred by obstacles. The understanding of the obstacle varies, not the trait of fullest exploitation. That understanding belongs to culture, not character. p

19)  The Rishis discovered the infinity of spirit. Sri Aurobindo shows us that Infinity in the infinite life. His call to us is to exchange our finite life with an infinite life wherein the spirit unfolds in a greater splendour than in its native home, the heavens. p

20)  Extreme sensitivity in one area, by the law of totality, implies equal insensitivity in another area.

21)  When you learn what you can from an event, it never hurts. What is hurt is ego that refuses to learn.

22)  The meanest motive attributed to the act of highest spiritual significance is only the other side of Truth. Acts and strategies remain the same. Only motives change.

23)  Human choice is determined by what man understands to be his authority. It is expressed by what he fears to lose.

24)  The Divine showers grace on us, but can also choose to destroy us. Mother is the Divine who only showers grace and refuses to destroy anything in us, though SHE is fully capable of it. SHE expects us to exercise our prerogative of choice. &

25)  What achieves is authority, social, psychological and finally spiritual. All else is equipment that serves its purpose when commissioned.

26)  The Superman consciousness reveals the marvel to Mother's BODY consciousness. Society reveals its own marvel to man's vital consciousness. The process is the same in both places. He who learns it in the vital can certainly make a great progress. p

27)  Whomsoever you serve, you serve Mother. Whomsoever you harm, you harm Mother. And still you have to refuse to serve on occasions and harm people on other occasions when SHE commands. &

28)  The Marvel is unfolding itself all the time before our eyes. Seen through our senses, it is dull; seen through the psychic it is a MARVEL. &

The world is not going to change into a Marvel. We should be moving to that centre of vision that can see it.

29)  The auditor who enters your department from the head office disturbs you when he finds out your lapses. He becomes a mortal enemy. We lose sight of a few facts. He is another employee of the office assigned this job. You could have been this auditor. It is his findings that make you efficient and pave the way for promotion. Suppose you are the head of the department, you will value the services of the auditor. He who, being an employee, is able to value the services of an auditor in spite of his being punished, is capable of rising to the top.

The auditor is the marvel of the office.
The criminal is the marvel of society.
The harlot is the marvel of spirituality.

30)  No man can serve another man, as he is an ego. Any ego desires the annihilation of other egos. How can a man then serve another except at his peril? Service to fellow men and humanity is an illusion. One can serve only the Divine. &

31)  There is only one virtue. It is self-restraint.

32)  As the pain of training turns into pleasure of learning, when physical pain endeavours to taste Ananda, it ceases to be pain and turns into pleasure of psychological effort. p

33)  Depression gives an inverted joy, while the effort to get out of it expands into joy.

34)  Experience not only means learning new ideas which is rare, but learning higher shades of the old knowledge.

35)  A truth which has fully emerged out of Ignorance, expressing self-existing Good through the instrumentation of united knowledge and will acquiring a form of Beauty is our aim. p

36)  Selfish impulse cancels rationality even in a personality that is otherwise noble.

37)  As mean minds think privately, mean people speak out. The masters of that plane pride themselves in its power as their virtue.

38)  When man acts in planes higher than his environment, he needs to be utterly secretive. Man who exists below social levels tends to be secretive. Frankness is in play only when you are in tune with the social milieu.

39)  To be secretive is the prerogative of those who are outside the society, either above or below.

40)  The best way to write a book so that it would be comprehended by the widest cross-section of the population is to address it to the most stupid person one knows.

41)  The Omnipresent Reality enjoys the Play at every moment and there is no pain for it. The divided being experiences pain in outgrowing its division. Pain itself is a device for the ego to quickly outgrow it. That ego which seeks the pain insisting on its division cannot certainly escape it. Rather, pain is experienced, especially for devotees, only when they insist on ego and its growth as ego. p

42)  To think is to use a finite instrument of mind; to feel is again to use a finite instrument of the vital. When we cease to think or feel, the Infinite in us is awake and sees the whole. Then it is a marvel. p

43)  The central message of The Life Divine is:

Find God consciously inside and outside.&

44)  The Divine expresses itself in all acts. One of them is to be able to see HOW anyone tries to utilise a given moment fully and to exhaustion. The Divine is Integral at any moment. Its integrality compels it to exhaust the possibilities at any time. He whose soul is awake will be able to see it. p

45)  A sincere man knows he is not sincere.

46)  The formula is, Supermind is each in all; all in each. Mind's formula is separative, each for himself. Mother's force is supramental. For it to enter us, we must act on the supramental formula. p

47)  Intellectual understanding convinces, does not energise. This way the idea is lifeless. The idea that energises is an emotionalised idea or a Real-Idea. Real-Idea energises from above; the emotional idea energises from below. p

48)  That surrender which is a movement away from the surface, from Time, from Ignorance, from ego and from mind will be true surrender. p

49)  It means you don't think and are silent, you are not egoistic and are selfless, you don't do what you know but are open, you don't lapse into subjectivity but you just are, and you don't confine yourself to the focus but are aware of all that is behind. p

50)  A key or a master key, a clue, a secret, an intuition to unfailing success in life is to generously appreciate another's talents, goodness and those in potential. The greater the appreciation, the greater is one's success in life. This trait may be called unselfish understanding of human potentialities instead of present self-appreciation which triggers jealousy.


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