Series V

51)  Corruption is the expression of organised Ignorance overmastering unorganised knowledge. Violence, dishonesty, prostitution, mafia, tyranny, cruelty, dictatorship. war, crime, and empiricism belong to that order.

52)  To create a greater scope for activity is play.

53)  Humour is an invitation to enjoy Ananda. The capacity to enjoy humour is the capacity to respond to Ananda. p

54)  The surface of the past is to be given up. The depth of the past is to be lived fully until it becomes the present. p

55)  The Eternal, Infinite Being finds itself at Play of being finite. It enjoys its self-discovery. Further, it makes its infinity complete by being aware of itself in Time and space as the Player and Playground.

The Player becomes the Play and the Playground.

He is the Play, He is the Playground and He is the Player. &

56)  Body is the barrier to universal matter. Thought is the barrier to universal mind. Ignorance is the barrier to Supermind. These are the barriers in the gross, subtle, and causal planes. p

57)  Mind's initiative is expressed as Thought. Desire is vital initiative. Body expresses its initiative as restlessness and impatience.

58)  Satisfaction is of the vital surface. Contentment is what is felt by the vital consciousness. Fullness that is self-forgetful delight is of the vital substance. p

59)  The love of the chaste wife is vital devotion. The love of the harlot is physical passion. The former is superior in the ascent, the latter is superior in the descent.

The Love of the divine soul is higher than that of the chaste wife in the ascent and higher than that of the harlot in the descent. The chaste wife is the evolving godhead; the harlot is the involving one.

The harlot evolving to become a chaste wife disciplines herself physically and dissipates mentally. Bhadragiri's queen is in a prior state of physically enjoying betrayal and mentally espousing chastity. Bhadragiri is her soul's counterpart. p

60)  Surrender enables us to leave the present plane and rise to the next plane. Thus it enables knowledge to emerge out of Ignorance. Hence surrender gives the maximum possible joy and therefore strength. p

61)  There is no surrender as long as one of the five supporting factors is active. Mind, Time, Ego, Finiteness and Exclusive concentration on the surface are the five ingredients of Ignorance that stand in the way of surrender.

62)  Life giving you the discipline which you refuse to take, is grace acting through a secondary agency at a distance, when you -- the primary beneficiary -- actively refuse it. p

63)  Refusal of Grace converts compassion into punishment.&

64)  Skill is of the part. Capacity is the essence of all skills blending together and rising to the next plane. Expert knowledge whether of astronomy or economics is a skill of the part. Knowledge is the essence of all such parts mixing and maturing.

The academic learner rises from below. The seer comes down to knowledge of the particular subject.

65)  A mental personality is one that accepts anything on the basis of its own understanding from the first principles. A physical personality accepts when it is physically overpowered. A vital personality releases its energy neither by physical overpowering nor by mental understanding. It does so by its own attraction to the object. A spiritual personality understands without thinking, i.e. by silence. p

A Supramental personality understands the object within itself.

66)  Memory is like a register. This is surface memory. The subliminal memory is the knowledge of family members of the others and family history, none of which is recorded. p

67)  Man unconsciously achieves slowly and after a very long time understands. Mother helps us achieve at once and reveals the understanding soon after. p

68)  Every opinion, every act of disappointment, frustration, grudge, etc. is a renewed attempt to rivet ourselves in the human consciousness. HE calls it refusal of grace. p

69)  When ideals that are not endorsed by inner emotions are espoused mentally, it prevents us from following them.

70)  The mantra 'MOTHER' takes one to supramental consciousness, while even OM, when rightly chanted, can take devotees only to cosmic consciousness. &

71)  One of the endowments such as knowledge, wealth, power, etc. in abundance gives a satisfaction that is full which makes one feel infallible.

72)  Infallibility is the outcome of fullness of a part mistaken for the whole.

73)  Awareness of the whole administers to the sense of humility.

74)  He who understands another's work does not become wiser for that. The most he can do is to repeat it with understanding, even as the stupid man who has memorised repeats from memory without understanding. For one to become a thinker, the ideas, by their fullness, outgrow themselves, yielding further ideas. As he thinks, each thought by the necessity and power of its logic should lead to the next idea. Then he carries those ideas with benefit in his mind.

75)  Tapas needs a concentration that weans you away from the course of Nature. Purna Yoga needs a concentration that would arrest the course of Nature in you and reverse it from involution to evolution. p

76)  Thought is between act and ego. Soul is beyond ego. The scale is act, thought, ego and the soul. The primitive man acts without thought. We have moved from act to thought. By moving to the ego one becomes a thinker. When man reaches the soul, he sees the ego and then he can surrender it.

Man, being in thought, tries to surrender his ego, while he can do so only when he moves to the soul.

Act -- Thought -- Ego -- Soul p

77)  The practical and ideal are unrelated. There is a point where they are related. Prayer from that point is most effective. p

78)  Prayer from a very practical point of view carries human force; from an idealistic point of view alone it carries no force at all.

Prayer is most powerful when it issues from a point where one overlaps the other.

79)  Self-discipline brings self-existent joy.

80)  The finite can become infinite on all planes. On the physical it releases energy and material plenty. On the vital plane it brings popularity and luck; on the mental level it is the birth of genius. When the finite soul becomes the infinite SOUL, it does so through surrender, giving us the Supermind. p

81)  Shopping, entertainment, or attending functions is meant for the unformed, low consciousness. It is those people who while away the time and whine when faced with hard realities. p

82)  Man, without exception, enjoys attention, seeks it, and copiously responds to it. It is strange that he is totally unaware of the Divine's Attention to him all the time. p

83)  ڮ Gu u[QU PЮ. |hzu, Au ] \[P zxU PЮ. HӨmh Gߣu UPx. Hx mh Gߣu ڮ HP HPx.

G EͰUQx G bڕ, ]zv Hx, Hx mh Gߣx C GԲ. | Hԯ Hx mh Gߣu AԲ, G bPUS Cu bڮ Ax.

84)  U QzxU Psk \P u Sh, \v zu zxU Pmi Csk |mPUS u E , BUS | Szvuu hUh B u G.

85)  Khzv Qhzu Akzu Chzv u AΨx u Es. Khzx , Akzu Ch[P z u u zuU PhuP CUP sk. Ax A AvhzvS Ahͮ. p

86)  By giving up the possessiveness of the little you have, you can enjoy the all. &

87)  P Gʮ \kx ڮ. P Gmh \kx \zv ¯. |iP, ӬPP \zv ¯ \mh P Gx. p

88)  u »[Qx Gʢu. Ah _ »[Q _.

| Bzsk; | u۸UP ix.

89)  uu, u | GvPmS | Eu siQx. \Q. Gv \u "\' | HuS Cx Ahͮ.

90)  u u \ mh G Enu R G J[PP \P.

91)  QnԼx usp CӨu mh G P GuUSQx. A Gߣx B߫PU P. GuUS P Ax.

92)  | x uڻ |hu Phu Pzu Ӻ Psnmhzv Pv A A h G Pvx . ]u \u Ax Es GĮ [S.

93)  ix Gߣx Bzu |. UuPmS Ax Avh |. H Ax A AUP EPu |. p

94)  |h u² |UQ. |h u² E Chzv Aڰ.

95)  A{ Bshh {.

96)  uUS A Ah[QUP sk Gߣu Sk JP CUP sk Gߣx UP. Sk JUS Csk.

J _zu Ӻ A H vUP sk.

Au _|zvS ߣkzuU Thx.

uڻ _P Sk J AUS.

97)  | EPzu, ix, U Thx. | mk sk. AxĮ _zu Jmi sk. \nPv Czu umPshx. p

98)  {P G ]vPmS _uv C. Sk G uUS _uv C. P G SUS, ]诺PmS _uv Gߣx C C.

{Pzv u i Gk. R̨i sk. Skzv u { A\zx i GkUP sk. Pzu H i Chx. SĮ ]ݮ Au mk HP sk.

99)  |UQux AkzuUS Qhzux Gʨ ]mk Pͯ i.

Akzu Aȯ sk G {ڨu Px Auݮ Piڮ. Aimh zu J sk G {zu A A.

Pmhh |sn PkUS.

uUSz xߣ Gߣx Ah BߩUS C. xߣkx A ڮ. Bߩ Cߣ u zu xߣzvS EUSQx.

u _zuP CUP u EhPz xUQ. xߣ EhPUP uµ uUQ.

100)  zvS xߣ Thx G zv Bߩ sk.

1.     A {ڨ Uu. A mk {ڨ \uP. Az uµ u {UP iu \zv ¯zu |UQ Q.


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