Series V

151)                AvPzvS ox PzvSx, ]ԯx, AߤS ox PzuU Phux, x.

152)                ]ԯu ]ԯ B\UPP |kx u, . ]ԯu |UPzvPP |kx ]ԯu uUSx BS. Ax uP, nP, Pzu _UPUS { \S. p

153)                Pzv Aӯ uPU Pn sk. p

154)                Man's initiative is through a thought. Its base is the emotional attitude. Below that is the physical urge, which is ever restless. Therefore, HE says the basis of this yoga needs the curing of the restlessness of the physical being. As the conscious Force acts through the unconsciousness of the physical, the calm of that Force turns into restlessness of the body. p

155)                Most of the future events can be predicted by those having access to Mother's Force. One thing about the prediction is, it comes true because of the Force of predictions.

To work towards a goal is always possible for the Force, irrespective of prediction. p

156)                Tragedy occurs only in the life of selfishness that is physical.

157)                Inner first, outer next. &

158)                Devotion is the spiritual energy welling up in the heart centre.&

159)                Habits are the physical skills that maintain the surface personality.

160)                Thoughts are the mental structure that keeps the surface mind going.

161)                Silence is the spiritual force that acts in the inner being. p

162)                Grace becomes Force that acts not on the surface, not even in the subliminal, but in the pure medium of the true physical, true mental. p

163)                Shifting away from the surface and continuing to shift, one ends in That within. p

164)                Transformation avoids waste created by the insistent Ignorance of the parts, particularly the body. p

165)                Evolution in Ignorance involves waste, not evolution in knowledge as transformation keeps the substance--body--intact. p

166)                The bitterest event is the closest approach to Mother. &

167)                Long effort and time is needed when we are working in the part. No time is needed when we centre ourselves in the whole. To centre ourselves in the whole and work in the part is to be in the simultaneous integrality of Time and Timelessness. p

168)                Divine Love passing through the body becomes ecstatic rapture unbearable to its present constitution. It is the acme of divine experience in the human frame. p

169)                \ \ku kx, \hu \h Bx J P ]. Cx UP u uµ . h |mi \ \kx B\zvS A] Gߣ Esk.

170)                uڲ u vPͲ H, u SP {PU Pv ֣ u | GU PxQ.

171)                PUS sk. Avzu E mk S. Pzv ] \zx Akzu Bsk A mk . b \ APkP, ]x, U \k. \ AP |kzu ] GԲ. P nUS n.

172)                K , K u Ah JzxǨ, |sn, Bu, K \u P |x |hUP sk G {ڨx, | | |x, | | E A P |hUS G |x , u, \u P¯Q A A \kP. p

173)                zu A CP {US unP |k ڮ y Uvhx. p

174)                A {UP a] Akzu \u Gߣ Uu. p

175)                z, z CnUS Uv. p

176)                Chhx |g_ A AUS x, Eh A UP v UQx. Eh A Azu EP |P. &

177)                AvP \x AU Pm x o AhUP. Au EP Aߦ, Sk \ GԲ.

178)                iu u AvPzu zv AڰUQ G u. &

179)                A mk | \kx y. y \ { {zv x Avh, y En Pn, ڮ A En mk AݣUP sk. Aua \ Uv n ֮. A mk x P u. Bv, iĮ A Gߣ PzuSv . p

180)                Pmhh BzĮ Pmhu \x. |h B² Pmhu \.

181)                bڮ, AݣQ, Aݣ |hӯQ, |h bڮ UP UPQ, UP _UPQ GQx.

1.     bzv |h _UP E.

2.     Proverbs summarize Truths of life.

182)                A vmh _ hP CUP {UQ. zuU Phx Bߩ Cu, _Ծ, v {Ӣu u { k x A h {ӯ ڮ GvUS.

183)                C PP A {ڨ u u \u \u u {zxU Psiu Psxsk.

A u |UPP {ڨ { Ax. Es A J Ai {zu, A AUS P¾ |¾ {u\ک. zu \vUS { Gx.

184)                Aڰ vzu u zv \ ڣ Q.

Aڰ vzu Ӻ zv \ ڣ Bz. CP CP. J Pk, Pk, P, w {Ӣu Snzu Ӻ Au AUP . Akzu C, Pn E, Uv Ӻ Aگ {. BzUPUS Cx Gx. u u H, EUP گ BzUP ]Ӣu i. p

185)                Cz u[S Bz , AuS. Pkz u[S Bz, zv, u ]ݩS.

186)                uP GkUS x usp \kx a] Gʢu A {UQ. a_ kx A { u.

187)                A x k Uv Pg\ |zv k. u Gʮ B\ uox. Sk \, nzu\, u P uou B\. uou B\ wµx. u zv \ uhx. C\ CPx. CuЮ Eu Svsk. Aߣ Gʮ B\, Ph zv \ uk n, \UP u BQ u̢u B\ Eu SvP. Eu SvP B\ Azx, A Ah EuĮ. Au |k US u°. B\U PhUP i, A Avڕ A nP .

188)                uUS \uzu h ӺUS xAvh AvP \u PkUQx Gߣu u _.

189)                nUPأmh J mkU Pkzu a]z w. A C mkU PkUP sk. C mkU Pkzu a] P ֮.

190)                u Ӻ QP G {ڨ AvPm\ _|. C GUS Gx GxĮ |huv.

J AkzuUS v. Ai \ _|P, UPP, Hu \. J \x US uQx G A P . A Eu {. AUS a]P CUP.

ӵ uUS P |huU Psh _| u ӸUS uP AQ. ESUS AUQ. G A |v. C _| G uP EnQP.

191)                {P \v Eh `kmh ux. Eh surface minda \ux. \v surfaceU Phx kQP.

192)                UP uUS zuu, Eh zuuP Ax u UP.

193)                UP Pkzuu Akzu PkzuuPĮ Axsk.

194)                |hUS | P[P A \uPĮ, |hUPuu u Sn zuuPĮ x Px Ah. p

195)                Cx P izx ֮ mh Ըux. C n P uQ bڮ u x.

Integral yoga seeks genius while the traditional yoga seeks a degree.

196)                u \Uv u u Өv \un u \kQ. | Gڨ [P ڣ u u Gi Cm] G {UP Gߣv u \Uv \kQ.

Es | \UvUS A. A \Uv A ֮ ԯP ֮.

197)                { G P u֨ x Divine Will A i G Au | \uP Hأxh Aڰ i A x Px |ݮ x P sk. AUS EP Aڰ AئuS.

198)                |g\ ڮ BmPsh \u . ڮ umh US, \S.

199)                J u C PkUP, Ezu ix. Ezxx A, Pkx A Sn, Akzu ֮ PS.

zĮ, zĮ. \vzuu Gu P |hUS. Aݩvu zĮ, ֨u zĮ HQں. H C J Pzv CP.

z Aݩvu z Hأx Avh. p

200)                G Ӣx \h sk G i \u | Au \ x, "A UP sk" Gx.

, ڕ C PP A |kx Es, Eh G E֨ A Ӣx k, Gz uu \u G AUQx!

Es Cx.


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