Series V

201)                Gzu uԨ , |US izu U Ph v.

Gzu zvu, |US iUPu P ڮ v.

202)                Ӻ UPP EUP ڪmh, Ӻ | zu UPa \u, A[S A . Ӻ | ԯPU Px ڮ AS.

203)                B zxU P UP x u. C \ ix.

C \ UP x A.

204)                A GvPmS HӬ Esk. A AΨUS H. Aߦ u Avhzu BUQzu EmPshx. AU Pk Ash PkUQ. AU Pk A Phu A Q. G A Gv AΨ A, Avhzu, BUQzu A Phx Q.

205)                A Ax A A uS.

206)                so so u.

zv | \ u.

207)                Cӯ u US BUQ. US n. Aߦ Ax, uU Px Ph. Gx Cu, APmS a]P {a\P Esk. wu Hͮ.

208)                Aڰh u ¯v S, Eh A | ¯v. Ah EǨ AUS |UPUP n AvPuU PsQ. o A Phu uz uuU PsQ.

209)                A UuP u[P EPzx a]P AUP. p

210)                zy oĮ E Uu Ah ]US Eh |UPUS A Avhzu, zu, BUQzu, AUQ. Ax A |x Aߦ \zxuS.

211)                Psni h Ӣx mk G Pk Aݣ¨ EQ wsk Gߣuh, Aԯsk Gߣx \S.

u C AݣUS xߣ Azuڲ, Cxu.

"Cߣ G|Ю, xߣ" Gߣx EQ zx mhx.

212)                u |P P Ehux u֮ ڮ, u P Ehu u Gߣx _|.

213)                Phu P x bڮ.

Phu P Cۨx ]zv.

Phu P x Czu PzuU Phu.J

214)                |ߦ, µu, u Eh zx. \nPv Eh, EnĮ ¸ \zuzu Ph uS. u Eh zu i, ¸u Gv h ix.

215)                ]ԯ uUS \ \ B\ u, G uUS Aڮ Hأk AUS \ \ k.

216)                vzv | PU Phx \u Ȩ |zv J | zuU Phu { Gv ]zx \ ֮ { A¢u I v AӨ . Au \uP Gߣx Gx.

217)                Opening G G G u GߣP "I surrender my evil, I surrender my hostility' G zu Psh opening QhUS.

218)                When a man faces an ideal, he often pulls away from it in the name of his duties. In fact, he does so for the sake of his desires.

B\ zv \ ڢx Cm]zu UPo, u PhPͨ zv \ sk Gߣ.

219)                My Herculean efforts for years at constant remembrance resulted in my discovering constantly that I am unable to remember Her.

A G P[Pξ Ӣx kQ Gߣu | Pshu Czu BskP Chhu { Gmh u S.

220)                Events in the dream express deep-seated values. G Ai P¾ {UP ix Gߣx CUPzu USQx.

221)                Vedas describe women who make themselves unhappy living a false life and hurting their Lord but helping to achieve that Vast Truth.

w PnUS F \x A \zv ¯zu Ah EuĮ sP u USQx. &

222)           At some time or other man comes to see he is not wanted by others, even those whom he loved. Then he feels lonely. It is a cruel moment in his life. For some it comes early.

It rarely occurs to us that God is always in that position. We are important for Him. He is not important for us.

When we feel God is important for us, we become important to all around.

A Ӣu EP Ӣx k. A mk sk EP Pshk. u GUS u G Aԯ ڮ µUvh. u Eu² n mk u G AԢu ڮ uگh.

ڮ EPzuU PzxU Pmk.

Cx | v v G Ax bڮ. A mk |kUS E Aߦ _US. x Aߦ Ȳ. J

223)                Chu { Cԯu {u. &

224)                A HU Psh , u a\P Bu J h | ڢx uiU PshP CUS. p

225)                Surrender is an exercise in Silence, not in thinking, or feeling or doing. Nor can it be done in equality by the spirit. It is a movement of the awakened psychic first by overcoming thinking, feeling, doing, etc. and then through all of them. At that stage, it reaches completion. p

226)                Aڰh u u Avh. A mk .

AЮ Avh, AvhPĮ Ax |hPĮ .

x A Gߣv I. Au E | zu vUQx. &

227)                C[P _ \zv ¯ J . A Pmh Pk[SU Pmk |k[Q. Pmh S C En A Aԯ i. p

228)                |PP TUP Eh Ezu. u G \Q GĮ A Aԯ iv. Cӯ TUP Aӯ Cۯ v ԸUQ.

Cӯ u Ph \Uv i Gߣx A¢u.

Civilisation upgrades the capacity of the least of men. Spirituality makes man into god. p

229)                ], ֨ uS Gvx Gڨ.

Man's desire for results without effort or responsibility expresses as expectation.

Expectation is the distant negative symptom of future possibility, though it prevents its realisation.

All accomplishments are made first inside and later expressed outside. Expectation tries to express it outside first without creating it inside.

He who expects should go inward and accomplish there first.

230)                \u \ u miU P.

Life will not pardon him for having flouted it all along.

231)                Man has not yet acquired the very first discipline of self-restraint. mhk zu AԯUP u . This is where humanity is in psychological growth. J

232)                u P \kQ. Q {h x P Azx |iP zu \kQ. n Q zuU Phx ¯zu P Ȩk \kQ. p

233)                uhx A ӻ. A u »\zu ֮ EQ. A¢u \nPv \zv ¯zu Ahu. \nPv uzxzu ESUS Azu. A \nPv HأUS A \zv ¯ QhUS. p

234)                34) The power of the hostile beings is like the criminal's acute, unfailing great knowledge of law for purposes of destroying law.

\mhzvx uUPĮ, \mhzu AUPĮ vh \mh ~qUP[P AԢvu w \UvP ]i `m_[P AԲ.

235)                Where the skill ends, force is of no use.

236)                UuPmS u ߣkzumh. hu {, |h P US, ߣkzv, ڮ Aa\mhzvS S.

As man is without a higher organisation matching the higher opportunity, he behaves like that.

237)                Chhx u P zvP si A {ڨ, Au Chhx A {PĮ Px.

238)                | \ P |hh G Ax |US \. BshUS \Px. |hhu AUS A Cu, Ax A AUS . Aͨ ֮ Ȱ.

239)                A\ uڨ xPUP \, \vv HأkzxQ. Gu {啮 Ax A\ EUS Bzx UPU Tix.

Evil, circling the good around its own perfection. &

240)                u |hUP sk G A ¸ HP sk Gڨ .

| ڢx \x JUS u x (Pioneer).

Sk \ Sk x P sk (Collective will).

F, EP Akzu (social collective will). ]uڲ h EPzu (gross) \u.

`m_ EP CuU Phux (subtle world).

`m_ ESUS individual, family, society G levelP Esk. Gu { saturate BQu AuS { u |hUS.

Sk { subtle plane saturate B u۩uUS u |hUS.

EPzvP u |hUP EPzv `m_ {ӯ sk.

ڢx \x uأi.

u |hx Ph] {U Phux. A¢u u EP \zv ¯zu ֮ \UvU Pnx mh. A Au |US ¸ AUQ.

֮ uSv:--------& Es, |, AhUP

AhUP Gߣx B߫P bڮ.

| G Ph u \x.

Es G A uu En Hأx.

241)                CP ] [P i .

242)                Chhu { UP Chhu { CuP, CP CUP sk. ڮ Auz u ¸ |h sk. s

243)                GvUS Essk G ڮ Hأx, Bz ]zv uS.

The reconcilation of Being and Non Being --Spirit and Matter--at The Transcendent consciousness is expressed in life by the mind recognising the truth in the action of the enemy. p

244)                P

\ Pzu AUPkQ.

A\k P uΨS.

C PzvS Gvv P PmkmhP. Bߩ zx __֨ Hأmh, P Au n |hUS. A\uUS B Bsk Px {uڪUS.

Bߩ __֨, B P {uڕ \uPUS sS.

Pzu A\u __֨, B߫P {uڕ u.

245)                Surrender can be described as the capacity for not desiring to know the future result or the process by which that result will issue.

G i . Gi G AԲ BU Pku \nPvS. p

246)                v Pso kP. Pso k v {a\P.

247)                Man is partly live and partly dead. Methods are dead means for the physical. When the live part uses the dead method, the excessive liveliness gives positive results. At some point man moves to his dead part and continues to use the dead methods. There it fails.

u Ӳ uSv US. Au ئzv x {S.

248)                To be a good Angel means you are a source of support to accomplish their work.

249)                Surrender enables the negative to integrate with the positive.

|x, Pmhx SvP. | Aԯux. Pmhx |u Hأx, |x Pmhu Hأx z u.

| C \nh |US Gvu HP sk. Gv Hأx \nPv. p

250)                C Pmh Hأkzv m]P uP A A Uu {PzvU PsiUQx.

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