Series V

301)                Marvel is the sight of Man seeing the whole. p

302)                Absolute justice, vision and Marvel are the sight of the Whole of itself. p

303)                Problem is the experience of partial existence. Solution is to remember the existence of the WHOLE. p

304)                Being, Consciousness, Knowledge, Will, and Love at their height are partial from the point of view of the Absolute. It is unity that gives them the sense of the whole. Therefore, the sense of unity is the beginning of the sense of Realisation.&

305)                The urge is irresistible. To overpower that urge is not given to man. Only he who is open to Grace will have the Force to overpower it. p

306)                Human generosity is ingratitude to God. A generous, personal emotional attitude invariably produces negative results.

307)                All evil, cruelty, rudeness, roughness, betrayal, treachery, lowness, falsehood, wrong, error, etc. are the routes through which the divided being emerges into unity with its Origin.&

308)                To expose a person, anticipating his needs, is to be mean. This way we attribute an ulterior motive to him. A generous emotion in this situation is to ignore his motive, expressed or unexpressed, and to put a positive construction on it.

309)                J u zu PoUPP | zv AoUQ. ] AvPPz uQP. Cx x, P.

J zv Snzu Pku C Pzu GUS.

310)   10) Au mh Cu PoUP Ex k. n An \Qx. Sn Aih \nUSQx. Snzu \zu \ PoUP Bz \nS. Ax A ¸x. p

311)                | mk _zu, | zy {nUPk.

312)                G [PͲ \n \ sk. | Gu \n \ iv.

313)                J | uU Psk mh AUS \zuڮ, uzv Pmh Sn[P |US .

314)                Pmh u Ax Psizu A Pmh Sn | |i .

315)                | u H, Ax Pmh u A | Sn[PЮ Au | |i .

316)                |x _P x, Pmhx Eh .

317)                | \ \hzv 4 v, | Aݣzux APUS Qx G | Av. |U Psk mhu | Aݣzu Ph C APmS Qx GĮ v.

318)                | ӸUS |x mk sk G | u mk A mk Pn sk.s

319)                A Gߣx |x,

|x mk AگS.

320)                |k| ʕ]US Chu { UP . { G u Chhx Gʢux.

321)                | \ _zu, | mi E _zuzu {nUPk.

322)                Things happening as expected is luck. Events advancing towards you is grace.

Ch 죺\ B\ h Bڢux G Aݣzu B\ \n \ i.

323)                AݣUP sk, B\, P, {Pa] Aݣ¨u h A AݣUP sk.

AuPkzux A | Bڢu Aݣ¨uS.

324)                {x, Azuu u {zu |hUS. Ax uhx |hx Avh.

325)                Calling is the realised inner being trying to realise the same in outer life.

A Bz ]zvzu , ¾ Ax ]zvUP Bz \ ] AǨ. &

326)                GxĮ u |zv iuua \Q. | Pha \Q. Uu GxĮ iu | \nPv HQ. \uP G iu |zv \nPv mk zu |kQ.p

327)                | ӸUS \u Ӻ |US \u xi A¢u intelligent animal A P GQ. uzu u AuU Ph sk. We consider it strength or power or privilege, least understanding we are behaving like an animal. &

328)                The great and the idiot have one thing in common when faced with mean perversity-- incapacity to reply.

PmiUP AUQ \xP _ x hUS A uzxk. US v \ UPx.

329)                Bsh, A\ C EsP Esk.



Ez y uSv AQ x uhu AvP z u.

330)                uu sk sk |US iUPU QhUQx, Pv Qx G | Cݮ Au H֨ h Gڨ .

331)                _zu _zu miS US. &

332)                Az uisk? Pskizush?

333)                P A ux `m_ u\ڮ. &

334)                PUS, PUS Aͨ z u ڮ Ǣx Gix UP sk G {UQ. AP UvUSx Esk. ]USx Esk. Au uP AUPUSx Esk. CuP isk. \u |UP ֮ US i. Akzu x limit Hأk. Au "Gix" ush , Gv . Gv | G u HأkuS.

335)                iu si iu | Eͮ sk.

336)                Cm]zvPP uڮ Bzu uڮ uzuQ, Cm]zu AUS. vnzu |k x Cm]zuz ukQx. vn Cm]zu uzuUSQx.

337)                Ph EP C. u EPP Ph ]izu. EP Ph hĸ. Au Aԯu ڮ SӨk. EP | ʪh G A[S | S u. EP Ph ]i G S ux. { u. AuU Pn | | CP En sk.p

338)                v h nzu CĮ P {ڨ n |k.

339)                \, ]uڲ GvP Cx u ; A Cnvx A¢u.&

340)                A mk |x y.&

341)                Cߣ GUS Esk. GUS xߣ. | E Ch (level) x Gߣ Au UP BڢuP AݣUP. R x Cߣ G R \u CߣP {ӻ. P ڮ x, AuS ]US Eh, EnĮ u[S nUP xߣzvSU Pn.

342)                u EQ Bڢuzu Eأzv \ x, Au HS v Cݮ G Gߣu, A ] Eأzv \ux. &


343)                Chhx A {ڨx, Chhx Aߦ \zxx, Chhx A x, Chhx x J. &

344)                | umi UQ. umi {, i. Qn } Czu ix. Qn } { {x. ǯ mhzvS x k. H Qn } mk } mhzxh \ux.

A HU Psh umiP Cx QnP kQ. Qn Pkzu Sӯx, ֮ u AuQ.

345)                Mind cannot be happy if thoughts are there.

A, | P[Pn PmiU Psk Jzu. Ai JUP i G | |v. |, P[Pn PmiU Psh JUP.

xߣ, w BQ JUP ix G |Q. i G u, uu | A AȲ.&

346)                S x Akzu h Gx Gߣx HP {n \mhx. | { Ax {nUPkv. \mh Ax x. P \mh. Au U Tix Aڰ A. &

347)                | \ |x | AΨx Aͨ uS. Ax _zu Jmiu, | _ Aͨ Qx G .p

348)                _zu x P. Ax Akzux.&

349)                A\ is in the plane of Time in the vital.

is in the plane of Timelessness in the spirit.

US PzvS Pmkmh En A\. PzuU Phu Bߩ {uڮ .p

350)                God waits for us in one place. We are looking not for God, but for other things. God awaits us with these things elsewhere. Until we know where He is waiting, we wait.

J mh Snzu ԯ vĸ i. AvPzx vĸ ix. Si Si {zv, ڮ Si \uzu Sk \zu AݣUP. Si AvPkzv, {zu, ix.&

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