Series V

451)                Computer will be the 21st century's electricity.


452)                Without the knowledge of computer, one will belong to the 19th century.

453)                A good resolution:

"I shall happily accept every discipline I SHOULD accept".

A better one:

"I shall delight in every human contact."

The best decision:

is the one which makes the inner being call Mother on its own. p

454) Do not accept the offer of a man however good it is, when it is really beyond his capacity.

455)                APUS C J En ¸ |[Q {x |m.

456)                When everyone around you is working for your good, know you are in an atmosphere of grace.

457)                Changing attitudes can abridge years into months or weeks.

458)               To expect people to be grateful to you implies you are lacking in gratitude to the Divine.

459)                When there are moments in the human mind when one is not proud about oneself, they are Divine moments.

460)                | PnUPP, oUPnUPP zu \x zuh \uhQ. Ax \. This is unconscious prayer. Become conscious; that is, you see you are not yourself but SHE. Then speak out the prayer once. It is fulfilled. p

461)                B\ u Gߣu | B\h sk GQ. B\ {nUP. Au B\ z u ix Gߣu P B\ h sk GQ.

{nx B\, APu, D G A | GQ.

B\U Phux APu. AuU Phux z. zUS Azv GQ. Au Phu i { D.

D Ah u \zv . p

462)                A][P Aئux A bڮ. p

463)                EQ Pk 'AݣUS' u E Pk Aȯx.

P\ݮ, sݮ, Cnݮ Pk |i Ӣuں. Our own subliminal inversely seeks tyranny.

464)                xߣk A Hu J P Au |kPP. &

465)                When your highest interest occupies the mind and nerves, you are always happy. When it ceases to interest you, boredom begins.

Boredom means you have nothing that interests you anymore. You have outlived your highest interest.

466)                Gossip spreads by a sense of self-importance. The weak show off by giving out the latest information. The strong enjoy by making it a secret.

467)                All achievements of man are mental. Even his spiritual realisations are mental. It includes Satchidananda and Brahman. A higher achievement, higher than that of the mind, is possible only when man rises above the mind. Sri Aurobindo ushered in that era. p

468)                Good manners are on the merest surface. Do we fully qualify at least for that?

469)                When we call, it is the Mother we believe in, i.e. The Mother shrunk to our size. A time comes when we lose faith in our call. Then THE MOTHER as She is in the Ashram and in the world acts. It is the Force.

The force acts when we fully step aside. &

470)                We do anything, small or big act, as we now are. To do them as a changed person is devotion to Mother.

471)                In spiritual life, to be dull or flat is worse than what we know as crime or sin.

472)                Mantra, Japa, pranayama etc. are instruments of mind. Surrender is the process of the entire mind being given up. A fuller surrender is that by which the complete being is given up into that of the Divine. &

473)                When Grace acts, karma is dissolved. When man refuses to believe in karma, Grace acts. When man refuses to believe in his capacities, Super Grace acts. When Super Grace descends on you, it brushes aside your faith in your capacities and acts.&

474)                Human relationships are instruments of perfection in the sense that, until you are perfect they will continue to provoke, dominate, irritate and annoy you. The boss, the partner, the friend, the crew and the spouse play this role fully. For the woman, the child is an eminently great instrument of perfection.

The instrument that plays this negative, nasty role never evolves but is destroyed.

475)                With knowledge of computer, you can achieve anything.

476)                When you give something to anyone, behave as if you are receiving it.

477)                We often think about a job, a work, etc. and when it becomes a problem, we call Mother. It disappears. Rarely do we realise that it is our thinking that created the problem.

Move away from life to Mother, there will be no problems to solve.

We create problems by thinking about them.
Thinking is the source of problems.

478)                When work is consecrated, mind falls silent and stops being the crooked mind. &

479)                The Divine fills us with Grace. We go away from Her because we cannot receive more. Man goes one step more and turns against the Divine using the very thing he received from Her. p

480)                When man decides to give up his initiative, he asks what he can do? He does not realise that by a further initiative, he is trying to wipe out the existing one. p

481)                When no work that can be demonstrated as work is done, one would be doing a good lot of work, very essential, but not visible to the onlooker.

482)                Once a devotee, devotee forever. p

483)                What can be enjoyed for its own sake is Peace. p

484)                Tricks, ploys, however rational, will never go with Mother's Consciousness. They have absolutely no role to play here.

485)                Resources get exhausted when the finite resources are infinitely used. The progressing mind is infinite. The resource is old and finite. Oil is old and finite. Modern life expands infinitely. Therefore it is exhausted.

486)                He who begins to love what he so far hated is crossing into sainthood.

487)                v Gsn, { E Bڢu, Bڢu \Px.

The presence of the mind in the form of thought or memory prevents the joy reaching its acme. It does so only in total forgetfulness.&

488)                Man seeks intensity. When his character does not permit positive intensity, life gives him negative intensity which is
suffering. Some enjoy intensity in imagination. In positive persons it is later confirmed. In negative ones, later it turns out to be a disappointment. It becomes a preparation to enjoy
positively. The suffering of humanity which the great souls wanted to abolish is humanity's preparation to receive joy.

489)                As the government comes to you from high or low levels, Kali exists at the level of village goddess as well as Mahakali. It is a simple mind that takes Kali of several levels as the self-same. p

490)                The conscious mind thinks of Mother when faced with a problem. The subconscious thinks of Her always.
The occurrence of a problem indicates we are in the conscious mind and forgot Her.

491)                Concentration necessary to start consecration is not attained by one who is at the threshold of moksha. Moksha is attained by the full concentration of a part. Consecration is started by the full concentration of the whole. p

492)                As the man who takes good care of his body suffers no disease, he who confines himself to the rules of life does not meet with evil.

493)                In our own context, there is only joy. Comparison with others creates pain of disappointment.

494)                Termites in the house show that our attention is withdrawn from things. When human consciousness withdraws, the animal consciousness takes over.

495)                Racial prejudice is so total that Gandhiji, Nehru and Sri Aurobindo were denied the prize given to Teresa.

496)                The shrinking milk supply in Mother's dining room rose three fold by an outside visitor's writing about it. That is the power of Her Force.

497)                Acting without trying to understand lets the force work in us.

498)                There is no ordeal like the ordeal of expectation. It turns into one of enjoyment and aspiration when you expect the Divine.

C unzu Aԣ Pzu Phu Uu.p

499)                The ant is small. Elephant is big. But HE who made both of them is great and He used the same energy to create both. Can we see Him and the energy HE spent in creating the ant and know the ant and the elephant are equal. p

500)                The interest that increases is service. That which flags is human.


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