Series V

501)                A family tried to kill one of its members. Later he who had tried that died. Some social pressure got the aggrieved member her due. Twenty-five years later, her son took to book service for two years. Now his 'due' was given amicably, rather abundantly.

Book service is the vital expression while cleaning is its physical expression.

502)                There is no virtue in weakness unless you see HER in the indwelling weakness. p

503)                All those who have been harsh to us were the bringers of Grace; but let us not take Grace to others through harshness, since Grace of a greater dimension will certainly come to us with a stronger hand of harshness. p

504)                When a work is done to a 't' we not only forget Mother who did it, but we forget ourselves. The only thing we remember is what can be planned next.

505)                'A great work will be done by a small effort' if SHE precedes our thought of that work in our own minds.&

506)                Body exults in keeping things clean.&

507)                I began to examine my mind. I found that goodwill rarely enters my mind. Now I know why I speak of goodwill always.

508)                No one, not even Mother, has the power to neutralise the negative work of those to whom She herself has given the power and freedom. p

509)                He who secretly gloats over his success in his closely guarded secret, often does not know it is already a public secret.

510)                Cleanliness imparts a living touch to the objects and the floor on which we walk.

511)                Cleaning brings physical plenty. Harmony brings vital plenty. Ideal brings mentally prolific thoughts. p

512)                Super Grace that brings Luck to us in rounded perfection. p

513)                Every event has a creative potential, said Harlan Cleveland on hearing of our theory. It means every event is infinite. One has to extend to positive infinity or negative infinity.

Our task is: 1) to know it is Infinite; next, 2) to accept it on the positive side. Practically if we decide to be positive and call Mother, life becomes rosy. p

514)                The channel conducts the water to the fields that are growing crops. Men are often like channels who receive Mother's Grace to be passed on to others unaware of it.

515)                Delay in doing a work, wasting time etc. are unclean habits in the vital. Review your life in this light.

516)                Expecting others to obey out of turn is the attitude of the lower vital when it is weak. When it is strong, it happily obeys those who are thus weak.

517)                Belief does not dawn on us just because we have experienced a certain thing several times. He who has belief, believes.

518)                We act often without thinking. When we think we do not know HE is behind. The thinker rarely knows he is like one who acts without thinking. p

519)                To withdraw the interest from something is the best way to fulfil that interest.

520)                We look at another man's success and wish to know his secret. The secret is to know what you should do, not what he has done.

521)                Problem brings intensity through fright and insecurity. Intensity coming through aspiration leads to yoga. p

522)                Man never has an intensity. When it is there, it is negative.

523)                Man NEVER allows others or life to touch him at the points of his sensitivity. Yoga is to consciously touch our sensitivities till they are shed. p

524)                When you clean, listen, you will almost hear the objects appreciating you and the other parts calling your attention.&

525)                When you are hurt or disappointed, think whether you have caused them to anyone. p

526)                The liar's success is the success of lying, not success by itself. p

527)                Social behaviour of the time is unideal. Any ideal is forever, not for the society of a time.

528)                Egolessness achieves as does selflessness. p

529)                Ideals are lived, not spoken or understood, much less preached.

530)                There is no chance or coincidence in life. They are all acts of God. Only that we are not conscious of it yet. p

531)                Can we at least theoretically accept that everything that has happened, is a piece of marvel? If you can, the Light has touched your mind. p

532)                Man wants to solve problems; and creates more. In God consciousness, there is no problem to solve. Solving problems and creating problems are man's ways of finding God. p

533)                When a low man rises high, the price he pays for his respect is too great. Any man comes to him only to take. It is his privilege to give and continue to give in copious measures in return of the prestige of their taking from him! His status is bought at a high price. It would appear he has gained nothing.

534)                HE calls our enjoyment serviceable falsehood. &

535)                Hurry and haste are symptoms of weakness. Being slow is undesirable. What else is desirable?

Quiet efficiency is the best. A quiet person finishes the work earlier than one in a hurry and the result is better.

536)                Work makes the movement Divine, the hand that works as divine hand. Sarah, Sethna's wife, saw her feet as Mother's feet.

See Mother's hand in your hand as it moves in work with Her consciousness. p

537)                Harmony with material objects is joy at their touch as when you hold a baby. &

538)                It is a rare privilege to introduce someone to Mother. Still rarer it is to help him receive the material benefit. p

539)                The subtle plane of sleep recognises the measure of physical cleanliness. &

540)                If you need attention from others, give attention to the lowliest around you.

541)                The call of our lips moves in work to the heart. When you see Mother in work, SHE raises the call from inside your heart.

542)                NO work is ever done without taking initiative. This is human. The Divine work can be done only after all initiatives are withdrawn. &

543)                What all others know of us we do not know. It never occurs to man to know it. Prestige stands in the way. Mother says changing is not as difficult as to know what should be changed. Everyone is willing to tell us that great secret. Are they our enemies? or our guru? p

544)                Life responds to the rules of life. Result shows the rules of life. We rely on the rules of our strength. Better rely on the rules of life's strength.

545)                Past consecration is working from below. Calling is working from above. This is more powerful. Only when you cannot call, you must work from below. p

546)                z ux EǨ.
EUP z ui µUv, Ga\ Gʮ.
EǨUS u u.
u G EǨ ڮ En sk.
ڮ Enx u Gʢx Ezu ǩP .
A { EǨ AߣUS A Pz u.
Czuڲ AԲ ڮ sk mk |k.
Ax Ga\US vP A x A|UPP ֮.
|UP Gߣx .
Gߣx A |UP.

547)                All that we need to acquire in the higher levels has to be given up in reverse order now. p

548)                It is land that created a civilisation of nobilty and aristocracy. The present civilisation is created by the factories that manufacture the products we use. The cities, the humans that comprise the matrix of the organised population, can create a future civilisation of abundance, harmony and joy, the kingdom of God on earth.

549)                Constant remembrance in the depth makes hourly consecration possible. p

550)                Comfort of the body, sensitivity of the vital, shame of mind are landmarks on the borderline.


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