Series V

551)                Indecisiveness is decision in favour of the status quo.

552)                That which reminds itself in time is constant remembrance.&

553)                The democratic sense that seeks for a privilege, is only one-sided. It is unethical ethics of the ego. p

554)                All the higher rules are there in our own life, only that they are often inverted.

555)                Transition that is not completed in all details is no transition.

556)                Expectation has its own joy as its raison d'etre.

557)                At the point of transition the rule by which man seeks the higher is "exception is the rule."

558)                Man will tolerate any crime when it does not disturb the status quo; will justify it if it serves his purpose.

559)                What knowledge can be given only in silence and in the subtle plane, will be hampered even when it occurs in thought. If spoken out, it destroys even the future chances of success.

560)                60) Forgetfulness is the experience of subtle life moving towards full consciousness pulled back by unconsciousness.

Lingering unconsciousness is forgetfulness. p

561)                Desire for the past to change in one's favour is man's extension of past consecration to the external life.

562)                Organised vital persons sometimes think that their own thoughts are the express oral utterances of another.

563)                Devotees repeating 'Let Thy Will be done' sometimes mean that their own wishes must be fulfilled as the Divine Will.

564)                People who miss an hour in hourly consecration can fully compensate for it by maintaining the consecration during that full hour. p

565)                Expectation and reaction are the very first things one has to shed. &

566)                There is a human choice now which can lead to the heights. &

567)                Generosity expressed in material terms is powerful spiritually. p

568)                Not to take initiative is the inner divine initiative. &

569)                As long as life does not press action on man, he wishes to rise in his idealism.

570)                He who refuses to take advantage of others will be able to take advantage of the atmosphere of Mother.

571)                What determines is not so much your ideal as the swabhava.

572)                Refusal to go down from the heights we have attained is a virtue in values but a cardinal sin in comforts.

573)                Human preferences are the seeds of human jealousy.

574)                By attempting perfect perfection where we are, we are led to Perfection. p

575)                Moksha has given Satchidanandam. Man has to move to Maya of fixed field of action in his life. The creative Supermind in him is the value based life. His own mind, which takes the view of the other, fulfils it. Life that issues out of it can earn the wealth of the world. His own body can become immortal that way. p

576)                He who asks Mother to make him sincere, prays for his surrender to be complete, announces the ignorance of the highest faith. p

577)                The vital personality who accepts Mother instead of shedding its personality, claims itself to be Mother's personality.

578)                The dark suffocating atmosphere in places of worship is really the lower atmosphere of the worshippers.

579)                To continue to work in the face of failure is to take the work to the substance. p

580)                The surface and inner personalities can either be the same or opposite. p

581)                To be blind to the defects of one's own children is self-approbation. &

582)                No mental concentration is possible when the vital is active.

583)                Mind's losing itself and becoming heavy is its way of preparing for a higher concentration.

584)                When we accept Mother, we follow Her, surrender to Her in our own way. Even those ways are to be surrendered to Her for the surrender to be total. p

585)                Act is consciousness choosing to exert its will.

586)                Each further threat or shocking news is only the announcement of a possible higher achievement. p

587)                Opportunities followed by bad news shows the receiving substance is incomplete in its strength of formation. p

588)                Hourly consecration achieved by prayer of remembrance, achieves not by constant remembrance but by faith in prayer. p

589)                Humility comes by no part of the being appropriating the achievement to itself and allowing the pride of that part to swell. p

590)                The self-righteous man is condemned by the awakened conscience. He who does not have even a self-justifying motive to his action is hailed by his society as one of great accomplishment and is admired as such.

591)                He who knows how to choose excels all others whatever their endowments and accomplishments are.

592)                Rarely man knows what goes on around him. He knows still less about his own motives and attitudes.

593)                The surrender of the Gita and the surrender of Purna yoga differ as the degree differs from an award.

594)                A crown that is presented is more valuable that a kingdom that is conquered.

595)                What pleases in the company is the thought that you are wanted.

596)                A short life of self-giving is better than a long life of self-aggrandisement.

597)                Concentration on the psychic is concentration in consciousness. Work is concentration in substance. p

598)                The first step to becoming conscious is to stop thinking as you are. p

599)                Men of character or substance do not leave in the world a progeny that destroys. If they do destroy, they destroy what is to be destroyed.

600)                A deprived generation produces an offspring of dissipating individuals.


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