Series V

601)                Opportunity is that which man must seek at great effort and cost, while he is in a mental state of being not willing to accept it even when offered for free. p

602)                Constant remembrance is the result of ever-increasing surplus of Godward emotions. p

603)                He who values a life of valuelessness is the king among heroes of dissipation.

604)                When Ignorance combines with division, the result is inertia.&

605)                Mother first relieves physical pain or distress. Next she removes humiliation. In the second round, man courts them. p

606)                Man not only ignores his defects, but is oblivious of them. He goes to the length of wanting Mother to install his defects as the ruling authority. p

607)                He who needs company submits himself to it and allows the demands of the company to determine his life.

608)                Great acts must be accomplished against the opposition of the beneficiaries.

609)                This is an effort of people who are not human adults becoming evolutionary adults. p

610)                Mother is a spiritual tool of endless capacity. As the tool is in the physical plane, She is in the vital mental planes enormous energy and endless resourcefulness. In the spiritual plane, if admitted, She is transformation accomplished. p

611)                He who chooses the highest value known to him at every instant makes the choice of unfailing success.

612)                Harmony of perfection rises when the individual inner psychological organisation is in tune with the social organisation outside. All problems arise out of the disharmony that rises in the gap between them. p

613)                It is a human tendency to inflict the suffering one underwent on others. Such a man will never outgrow it.

614)                True repentance reverses the emotions. It is a soul perception.

615)                True Goodness is an inner strength.

616)                Sincerity emotionalises the mental concept and thus gives a greater opening. p

617)                Mind is weighed down as it caries its past experiences; the psychic is not as it carries only the essence.&

618)                When the individual becomes the universal, possessive sensitivities turn into a wide vibration of Ananda. &

619)                Humiliation is the sensation of the positive finite receiving the touch of the negative infinity. p

620)                A leader or an idealist cannot get on with another of his type. Non-idealists dread idealists to work with. Followers rarely understand the leader. So there is no wonder that the idealist is left alone. The leader, though he is surrounded by a crowd of his followers, feels lonely.

621)                All virtues are only human versions, rather ego's versions of the higher consciousness.

622)                Work without the knowledge of it is drudgery. If pushed beyond limits, it is violence. Knowledge of the work we do that has reached the physical reveals the Brahman in matter.

What gives us interest in work is the desire for the knowledge of it.

623)                The human response is external as a positive symptom while the divine response is internal as a settled calm or peace. p

624)                There is no change from the lower to the higher, but transformation.&

625)                No tangle can resolve in thought. It falls silent and changes into a marvel. Transformation is an infinitely swift process. p

626)                Mind as it is cannot know the process of transformation. It can know after it is transformed, i.e. only Supermind can know it. &

627)                For the yogi: experience first, knowledge next.

For the scholar-yogi: knowledge that is experience can lead to realisation.

628)                To see intense love in utter hatred is yogic vision.&

629)                To know that surface suffering is subliminal enjoyment, one should move to the simultaneous plane where Time-eternity and Timeless eternity meet.&

630)                He who refuses to see, enjoys not seeing.

631)                One who cannot bring himself to hate can still refuse to love hatred. It is a difficult transition for the human mind.

632)                A small motive may sometimes serve a great cause.

633)                When Mother's Consciousness comes through a low act or motive, it only means that that act lends itself to transformation. p

634)                With Mother, even an unpardonable act becomes a glorious one. p

635)                There is no knowledge, including the knowledge of Supermind, which the world has not received so far.

636)                If you are not able to see you are God, at least see others are God.

637)                Karma working out of temperament is a fertile field for observation. To see how Mother wipes out karma still is a greater observation.

638)                The world is created not for one man to correct another, but so that he can correct himself.

639)                That which always accomplishes is the physical. Especially the energy of the physical impulse. If suppressed, it variously occupies itself, lying in wait for its time. Mother asks it to be given to Her, so that real work can be done. This is so because the highest present skill in MAN is the subconscious physical skill of reproduction. Hence it is the only joy in life.

640)                Man expects total ideal Perfection from the one whom he wants to follow. In the conditions of his existence, such a Perfection does not exist. His own ignorance permits him to visualise such a Perfection. He gets the illusion that he deserves.

641)                A crowded hour is more suitable to practise surrender than a cloistered moment.

642)                Many devotees have faith. Many others have no faith, but still follow Mother. Those who have faith are like the partners of a company and those who have no faith are like employees of the company.

643)                Man sees great help coming from a higher plane. It never occurs to him the next time to seek it, as it is not in his own plane.

644)                Memory does not extend beyond one's plane, in spite of several experiences.

Thought never reaches beyond its own borders, even when experience is innumerable.

The greatest paradox in man's life is it never occurs to him to summon that very help which he has experienced times without number.

645)                The capacity of not being able (to think of the greatest known source of support) to think of availing of the help directly is the measure of a closed mind.

Man knows of a source of support, the greatest he ever had, but it never strikes him to invite the source to deliver its help. That happens when the source lies in another plane.

646)                As long as a trait can express itself as an impulse, it is fully alive in the subconscious.

647)                The very last vestige of ego, is the ego of the impulse. p

648)                Human choice is the greatest social innovation.

Development is the evolution of choice.

649)                Consciousness that ascends one level, descends to saturate the previous levels. Mind achieves the same object by past consecration. p

650)                It is not interesting to concentrate every time concentration is needed. It is better that our normal status is one of concentration. p


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