Series V

651)                As integration is spherical, the correspondences that are vertical cannot go hand in hand with them in a tabular column. p

652)                The double opening of this new evolution does not permit a vertical tabular column of correspondences in two aspects only. p

653)                Silence rising in thought, mind, higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, overmind and Supermind has its corresponding versions in the surface, inner, subliminal, psychic in mental, vital, physical and further in their subtle and causal parts. p

654)                Classification is the last word of science and study. But creativity transcends it.

655)                HE, when the Lila unrolled, found it Himself. To keep its totality and integrality, HE became the playground and the player. Never for a moment did HE allow either the totality or the integrality to vanish or diminish. Thus HE kept his Eternity and Infinity in Time and Space. &

656)                The employee, the self-employed, the government servant, the public worker, the writer, the thinker, and the industrialist all have common traits and have correspondences between them. But it defies a fixed rule of one to one correspondence, as they are also disparate.

657)                Sri Aurobindo offers to the social person an unfailing success, to the conscious individual the capacity to achieve any goal he chooses and to the spiritual individual the capacity to evolve into a Supramental being. &

658)                The divided being's experience in seeking union is pain in the plane of evil. Hostility is the division in the plane of the spirit. p

659)                Effective work and expansive understanding gives unfailing success.

660)                Opportunities are NOT physical at all till man makes his choice. Once the mind chooses, the vital and physical reshape themselves into opportunities. Man chooses either to create opportunities outside or the opposite. The determinant is not the external physical but the inner spirit that expresses through the mind. p

661)                Man often serves the cause of an evil or a system that he ardently fights against as his subconscious is wedded to that self-same evil or system. p

662)                Censor is the indication of mind's presence. &

663)                By expecting people to come or expecting a result, one develops an expectation that leads to frustration. Expecting Mother makes one rich. Still it is better to shed expectation and replace it by aspiration. p

664)                All human relations including human love are bargains of the part for the whole, because it is the love of mind. Mind, being an agent of division, cannot express love that is of the whole. p

665)                It is not tapas, austerity or discipline that Mother needs, but an opening of sincerity on the part of the sadhak, as She has come on earth as a bridge between That which seeks delight and the human soul into which it is sought.&

666)                Mind raising its awareness as censor, expectation, thought, etc. is its own way of being conscious as mind. All that cannot be stopped. They will stop at one stroke if we are aware of mind's origin, the Supermind. The shortest cut to Supermind is to be aware of Mother in mind whose mission is to abridge evolution. p

667)                Man can wean himself away from evil, not good. p

668)                Longing to be known as a good man is, after all, longing to be in life. p

669)                Social consciousness anywhere in the world has not matured to the point of recognising its obligation voluntarily to services rendered.

670)                The lure of the establishment can take the form of a higher ideal.

671)                Man cannot serve humanity except by deserting it.

672)                When you try to get rid of mind, its resourcefulness in justifying itself is infinite.

673)                Robust manliness, is, for purposes of yoga, still manliness, an effective bar to yoga. p

674)                If you want to step into yoga, no human ideal is better than another. Every human ideal is an effective bar to yoga. p

675)                The highest human ideal is an active bar to Her Consciousness. p

676)                I am sincere to Mother.
Is my mind sincere to Her? Mind's sincerity to Her is its obliviousness of itself.

677)                Nostalgia that cherishes time, will not help the yoga that tries to transcend Time. p

678)                Mind universalises when its physical basis too sheds the ego, not just when the concept of egolessness is understood by its conceptualising part.&

679)                "May my material values be transformed into values of Being." p

680)                Jnana yoga needs concentration away from the senses. Purna Yoga's concentration is away from mind. In fact, it is a concentration away from Ignorance that helps knowledge emerge. &

681)                Subtle communication begins when surface communication ends.&

682)                Integral knowledge is that which knows the Truth of One and the Many lies in That. To know neither the One nor the Many is the ultimate but that which includes both is the ultimate, is what Sri Aurobindo calls integral knowledge.&

683)                The Gita asks our motive to surrender to Purushothama. Sri Aurobindo demands that Ishwara's motive be expressed in our life. &

684)                Integral knowledge can explain any phenomenon in terms of any other phenomenon.&

685)                Great writers have life knowledge. The greatest writer who ever lived had that life knowledge as a universal possession.&

686)                A good person mishandled becomes spoiled. A bad person rightly handled becomes good. Still good and bad are truly good and bad. Yoga needs good as well as bad and only in their true synthesis discovers the Good.&

687)                Action from the true emotional fullness always evokes an instantaneous response from life. What then is the difference between Life and Mother? The process remaining the same, life that responds with the presidency of the panchayat differs from Mother who responds with the Presidency of the nation. It differs in that measure. Life is finite, while life in Mother is infinite. p

688)                Arriving at the psychic is to move to the Non-Being without losing hold of the Being.

Psychic is the Omnipresent Reality in life.&

689)                A friend is one who should always pull you up. -- The Mother

He is not a friend who will accept your going down. -- The Mother. &

690)                The idealism of the inexperienced is ignorant. It disappears at the first touch of reality. The erstwhile idealist easily turns into a practical realist which means a law breaker of the worst kind.

691)                To be able to create a new possibility is creation. The greatest possibility is created out of the opposites. Hence to create its own opposite and discover the original unity in it is the greatest of creations. That is what our world represents. &

692)                Human individuality can at best make him a psychological individual overcoming his social personality. Great poets possess the individuality of the universe. He who acquires the individuality of Transcendence enjoys being the spearhead of evolution. He alone can feel the joy of emerging out of Ignorance into Knowledge. &

693)                Openness is a measure of progress. Democracy insists on the openness of information. The ultimate openness is in the subtle plane where you know the other man's thoughts.
The present problems and confusions arise because one is unaware of another's ideas, nor can he know what will happen the next minute.

694)                Professionals meeting in a club readily recognise the acquired potentials of professional knowledge in everyone. Souls meeting in a family do not as easily recognise the inherent potentials in everyone. A soul recognising it in his own self is soul-awakening. p

695)                For a fence to be useful, there should be no small gap in its entire length. To break the protection of a long fence, it is enough to open a small gap in it. Moving away from human consciousness into Mother's consciousness is to build a fence like that. p

696)                The world will readily accept the Human Choice when we have a man-centered economy. For the world to accept that economy, we must be centered in the unfailing success of Life. Knowledge of yoga in us will enable the society to accept the principles of that life. p

697)                Three choices for man:

Being part of prakriti that seeks the slow deliberate delight, he evolves with its evolution.

Shifting to Being from Becoming, he pulls himself out of prakriti and ends in the objectless delight above in its origin.

Responding to the psychic, he moves to the Being of the Becoming, directly receiving the objectless Ananda in the object of prakriti, thus transforming himself.

To be a social man or a tapasvi has been the choice so far. The new choice is to enjoy the results of tapas in society. &

698)                If you are proud of any past event, you are capable of regretting other events. Freedom from the past involves not only absence of regret, but also emotions of satisfaction.

Past as well as future bind us to Time. To be in Time is also to be inside ego. To get rid of ego, one should be only in the present. p

699)                Man's greatest endowment in one field is the counter product of his greatest ignorance in another field. Folly is what man loves to choose and exercise in enjoyment. It is noteworthy that fools are happy people. This wilful folly, then, implies great intelligence in another field. Thus, spiritually, folly is a great endowment. Only that neither he nor his world knows that. God, of course, knows it. &

700)                What is most beneficial to him by his values, goals or impulses is the choice man makes.

Human choice is the best in the circumstances according to him. It is the individual human choice that determines the social course; while it is the social approval that determines the individual choice. p


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